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West Virginia Now Allows Street Legal ATVs

On March 7, 2020, the West Virginia state legislature passed new legislation that allows for street legal ATVs. This new bill (Senate Bill 690), became ‘in effect’ 90 days after passing.

You can view the full bill here: West Virginia Senate Bill 690

The law requires that in order to operate on road, ATVs and SxS must have certain safety equipment in order to be legal.

Please note that we are not lawyers, so this should not be construed as legal advice. Read the bill and be sure to fully comply with the law.

Equipment Required To Be Street Legal In West Virginia

(j) The owner of a special purpose vehicle being operated as a street-legal special purpose vehicle shall ensure the vehicle is equipped with:

  • (1) One or more headlamps;
  • (2) One or more tail lamps;
  • (3) One or more brake lamps;
  • (4) A tail lamp or other lamp constructed and placed to illuminate the registration plate with a white light;
  • (5) One or more red reflectors on the rear;
  • (6) Amber electric turn system, one on each side of the front;
  • (7) Amber or red electric turn signals;
  • (8) A braking system, other than a parking brake;
  • (9) A horn or other warning device;
  • (10) A muffler and, if required by an applicable federal statute or rule, an emission control system;
  • (11) Rearview mirrors on the right and left side of the driver;
  • (12) A windshield, unless the operator wears eye protection while operating the vehicle;
  • (13) A speedometer, illuminated for nighttime operation;
  • (14) For vehicles designed by the manufacturer for carrying one or more passengers, a seat designed for passengers; and
  • (15) Tires that have at least 2/32 inches or greater tire tread.

Registration and Insurance

Once you have all the proper equipment installed, you are then required to get your off road vehicle inspected to ensure that it meets all legal requirements.

You will also need to register and insure your ATV to comply with the law. All on road drivers are also required to have a valid drivers license.

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