ATV Parks In Virginia

ATV Parks In Virginia

Bring $$$. Most ATV parks in Virginia only accept cash at the gate.

MotoCove ATV Trail

  • Vehicle Rentals: No
  • Camping: Yes
    • Minimum Fee per Site – $35
    • Adult – $20
    • Children 2 – 11 – $10
    • Electric – $10
  • Other Accommodations: Yes
    • Cabins (lakeside) – $125
    • Cottages (lakeside) – $250
  • Riding Fees: 
  • Per Person – $30
  • Restaurant: No
  • Open: Year round. 9am – 5pm

General Info:

Located on a 3,000 acre certified tree farm, this is one of the most diverse ATV parks in Virginia. They have lot going on – ATV trails, camping, boating, a sandy beach for swimming and a shooting range.

This ATV park consists of 4 interconnected loops with 35 miles. There is a beginners loop, but most of the trails are geared towards more experienced trail riders.

  • 1st loop – 2.1 miles
  • 2nd loop – 4.2 miles
  • 3rd loop – 10 miles
  • 4th loop – 18.7 miles

Most of the trails are geared towards trail ATVs, but they also welcome sport ATVs and motorcycles. Not open to Jeeps or full sized vehicles.

The park is located on Cove Lake which offers boating and a very large sandy beach with a sandy bottomed swimming area and a dive platform.

Boat rentals are available at MotoCove ATV Trail Mon – Thursday at $10 an hour. Or you can launch you own boat for $10 a day.

There is also a rifle and pistol range available for target practice. The rifle range is 110 yards and the pistol range is 50 yards. To ensure safety, there is a certified range officer on staff.

They sell targets onsite, but you are welcome to bring your own paper/cardboard targets as long as you clean up after target practice.

Standard Range Fee

  • Per Person – $20
  • Per Person (for campers) – $10
  • Long Range Fee
  • Per person 2 hour session – $50


  • Cardboard Silhouette Target – $5
  • IPSC Target – $3
  • Shoot and See Target – $2


980 Cove Rd.
Gore VA 22637

South Pedlar ATV Trail

  • Vehicle Rentals: No
  • Camping: No
  • Other Accommodations: None
  • Riding Fees: 
    • Operator – $5
    • Three Day Operator Pass – $12
    • Annual – $30
  • Restaurant: No
  • Open: April 1 – late November.

General Info:

One of several ATV parks in Virginia run by the US forest service, this trail system has 19 miles of interconnected loops for riders of all skill levels. Beautiful forest riding with mountain vistas.

Trails are open to ATVs, motorcycles and bicycles.

You do need to purchase a special use permit to ride. These are not available onsite and would need to be purchased in advance, prior to arrival. South Pedlar ATV Trail Permits

ATVs must be under 50 inches wide. No operators under the age of 12 are allowed. Operators between the ages of 12 and 16 must be supervised by an adult.

There are two staging areas, Rattlesnake Trailhead and Terrapin Trailhead, both have vault toilets available. No drinking water is available.

Trails are for 2 way traffic, so riders need to use caution and be aware of other riders.


Elon VA 24572

Catfish ATV Trails & Pond

  • Vehicle Rentals: No
  • Camping: Yes. Free primitive camping.
  • Other Accommodations: None
  • Riding Fees:
  • Per Machine – $15 
  • Restaurant: No. Sometimes they sell food onsite.
  • Open: Year round. Varies by season.

General Info:

600 acres of forested trail riding with about 60 miles of interconnected loop trials. Lots of mud and wet riding. There are some dry trails, but Catfish ATV Trails & Pond is all about enjoying the wet stuff.

Camping is available onsite. It is primitive camping with no hook ups.

They also have a Catfish Pond available with some pretty big fish. $5 a day to fish, catch and release only.


480 Lewis Rd.
Martinsville VA 24112

Big Boys Playground

  • Vehicle Rentals: No
  • Camping: Yes. Primitive
  • Other Accommodations: None
  • Riding Fees: Prices vary
    • Per Person – $10 (cash only)
    • Per Participating Vehicle – $30 (cash only)
  • Restaurant: No
  • Open: Year round. Some weekends.

General Info:

Big Boys Playground is open to all off roading vehicles – ATVs, UTV, motorcycles and full sized trucks. They also host separate weekend events for ATVs and trucks – they try to do one truck and one ATV event per month.

They have a long mud hole that’s about 150 feet long and another small mud pit they call the “Hell Hole”. There are two steps you have to climb in order to get out of the Hell Hole and no one has ever made it. There’s a $100 bounty to the 1st driver who can make it out on their own.

Test your skill on the 100 feet long rock rock course or ride the trails. They offer trails ranging from easy to difficult.

They have a 20’ wide soft tilled top soil MX track with a $250 annual membership for riding just the track.

There is also a drag strip to really get the blood flowing.

Primitive camping is available, but you must call and register in advance.

There is also a drag strip to really get the blood flowing.

The park owner is an enthusiastic off roader who founded his own park because of the hassle and government crack down while trying to ride on public lands. His favorite trails kept getting shut down and legislated out of existence.

When off roading became more of a chore than fun, he decided to open his own off roading park. He takes pride in supporting off roading and building  diverse challenging riding conditions.

Weekend events will have about 100 trucks and 400-600 people.


5347 N Valley Pike
Harrisonburg VA 22802

They keep their schedule and open dates on Facebook: Big Boys Playground

Slade’s Motorcycle & ATV Track Park

  • Vehicle Rentals:
  • Camping: 
  • Other Accommodations: 
  • Riding Fees: 
  • Restaurant: 
  • Open:

General Info:

The current status of this park is unknown. Their websites are down.

(757) 357-9269


1111 Mt Ray Dr.
Surry VA 23883

Peters Mill Run/Taskers Gap OHV System

  • Vehicle Rentals: No
  • Camping: Yes, primitive backcountry.
  • Other Accommodations: None
  • Riding Fees: 
    • Operator – $5 per day
    • Three Day Pass – $30
    • Annual Pass – $30
  • Restaurant: No
  • Open: Mid March – 3rd Monday in January. Depends on weather. Call before you go.

General Info:

This is the largest interconnected OHV trail system in Virginia. The 40 miles of trails are broken into two separate sections – Peters Mill Run and Taskers Gap. Access to both is off State Route 675 with 5 trailheads for staging. Forest service GPS coordinates for trailheads 

The trails range from easy to difficult.

These trails are open to ATVs, motorbikes and four-wheel drive vehicles.

The two separate trail systems are connected. However you will need to be an advanced rider to access both from the same trailhead as the trails that connect the two systems are rated as ‘difficult’ and ‘most difficult’. This can be seen on the map below.

Full Sized Map (by the Forest Service)

Motorized trails are marked with a ‘V’ blaze while non-motorized trails are marked with an ‘i’. Some trails are marked with both to indicate multiuse. Trails will also sometimes intersect, so be safe and courteous of other users.

On the multiuse trails with hikers, mountain bikers and horse back riders, motorized vehicle operators must use caution and yield the right of way to non-motorized users. When encountering horse back riders, it is required that pull as far over as possible, turn off the vehicle and remove your helmet so as to not spook the horses.

This is a hunting area, so you may see riders with weapons. Hunters on ATVs are allowed to transport unloaded weapons on the trails to back country campsites.

Backcountry camping is allowed, but there are no developed campgrounds right next to the trails. There are however 3 campgrounds within 20 miles of the trails – Little Fort Campground, Camp Roosevelt Recreation Area and Elizabeth Furnace Recreation Area.

Little Fort Campground – Open year round. 9 campsites, vault toilets, no water.

Camp Roosevelt Recreation Area – Open seasonally. 10 campsites, flush toilets and water.

Elizabeth Furnace Recreation Area – Open year round. 33 campsites, warm showers and flush toilets.

You must purchase an OHV permit from a local vendor prior to arrival. List of Vendors


Woodstock Tower Rd.
Fort Valley VA 22652

Spearhead Trails

  • Vehicle Rentals: No
  • Camping: No
  • Other Accommodations: None
  • Riding Fees:
    • Day Pass – $20
    • Motor Vehicle Permit – $60 (valid for 12 months after purchase)
    • Youth Pass (8 and under) – $10
    • Resident Permits – $30 
  • Restaurant: No
  • Open: Year round.

General Info:

Although not an ATV park in the traditional sense, the Spearhead ATV Trails deserve a mention as it is the largest off road trail system in Virginia.

It was built primarily to encourage economic development and job creation in the region. Managed and run by a government authorized agency, the Spearhead Trails are Virginia’s version of the Hatfield McCoy Trails.

There are 6 different trail systems with over 550 miles of trails for riders of all skill levels. These trails all have separate parking/staging areas and do not link up.

This is a multiuse area for ATVing, hiking and biking with plans to add an equestrian trail system in the future.

Vehicle rentals, campgrounds, hotels, restaurants and groceries are available on some trails near trailheads and connector trails by private businesses. Plus the trails are convenient to towns, so you will have easy access to services.

The trails are color coded like ski runs to indicate difficulty:

  • Green – easy
  • Blue – intermediate,
  • Black – advanced/ difficult/ technical

The Spearfish Trails are open to ATVs, SxS, 4 Wheelers and Dirt bikes, but Jeeps, trucks and rails are not allowed.

All riders must have a day pass or a motor vehicle pass. They do not offer a weekend pass. The permit sticker MUST BE displayed on the left side of your helmet.

Motorized vehicle permits can be purchased online for an additional $3 fee or purchased from a local vendor. Day permits are not available online and can only be purchased from a local vendor. Find a Spearhead Trail Permit Vendor

Buy motorized vehicle permit Online

The resident permit is available for Lee, Dickenson, Buchanan, Wise and Tazewell County Virginia residents as well as residents of the City of Norton. This permit isn’t valid for 12 months after purchase, it expires at the end of the year in which purchased.


Different staging areas located in Southwest Virginia.