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Ehrenberg Sandbowl OHV Area (Ehrenberg Arizona)

Overview of Ehrenberg Dunes

  • Open: Year round
  • Latitude / Longitude: 33.58997, -114.52343
  • Managed by: BLM
  • Usage: Moderate
  • Fee: Free (it was $5, but the fee has been discontinued)
  • Camping: Free dispersed camping (no amenities) + private campgrounds
  • Location: Southwest Arizona near Blyth CA


  • I-10 to Ehrenberg, AZ
  • Take Ehrenberg exit to South Frontage Road
  • Go West on frontage road approximately one mile
  • Turn left on gravel surfaced Ehrenberg/Cibola Road.
  • Go south 3 miles to site entrance

Ehrenberg Sandbowl

Ehrenberg Sandbowl

Ehrenberg Sandbowl OHV Area

Ehrenberg Sandbowl

The Ehrenburg Sandbowl Dunes offer 2,000 acres of soft sand dune riding.

The dunes aren’t super tall, but the acres of trails and roads through the desert offer plenty of riding opportunities.

Plus, being close to the Colorado River makes it an attractive destination.

Because it’s so hot in the summer, ATVing is not recommended during this time, but it’s a perfect winter destination.

It may be too cold for swimming in the Colorado River, but kayaking and boating are nice options in addition to the dunes.

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A crazy popular winter event is held in the nearby town of Quartsite Arizona – The Quartsite Rock and Gem Festival.

The event reaches critical mass in January and February with hundreds of thousands of people making their way to this tiny dessert town with a year round population of only 3,694 people.

The desert fills with RVers and it becomes a pop up transient city.

Quartsite is 20 minutes up the road from the ATV sand dunes and the Rock and Gem Festival is worth a visit if you’re in the area. Expect traffic and huge crowds, so bring your sense of humor.

There is a vault toilet, shade shelter and an available ramp for loading vehicles.

Private Campgrounds Near Dunes

River Breeze RV Resort


  • Onsite ATV / OHV rentals
  • No towing needed – ride directly to the trails and dunes
  • Colorado River beach
  • Pool
  • Kayak rentals
  • RV sites
  • Tent camping, plus
  • RVs and Park Model Homes for rent

No ATV rentals May – October, because it is too hot


50202 Ehrenberg-Parker Hwy.
Ehrenberg, AZ 85334

River Breeze RV Resort

Arizona Oasis


  • Easy trail access – ride directly to the trails and dunes
  • Colorado River beach
  • Pool
  • Kayak rentals
  • RVs and Park model homes for rent


50238 Ehrenberg Parker Hwy.
Ehrenberg, AZ 85334

Arizona Oasis

Arizona ATV / OHV Vehicle Registration

Arizona Residents

  • All OHVs in Arizona are required to be titled
  • All OHVs must have and properly display a license plate on the rear
  • OHVs must display an OHV decal in the upper left-hand corner of the license plate to operate on public and state lands

Non-resident OHV Decal Requirements

  • Non-residents that meet all of the following are exempt from OHV Decal purchase:
  • The person is not a resident of Arizona
  • The person owns the vehicle
  • The vehicle displays a current OHV Decal or registration from the person’s home state of residency
  • The vehicle is not in the state for more than 30 consecutive days

Arizona Game & Fish OHV Requirements

Arizona ATV / OHV Rules

  • Helmet that is properly fitted, fastened and has a USDOT safety rating for those 18 and under who ride on an OHV. (Riders in an OHV such as an ROV, while recommended for safety, do not need a helmet.) It is recommended that all OHV users wear a helmet.
  • Spark arrestor that is USDA approved.
  • Brakes adequate to stop and hold the vehicle.
  • Muffler or noise dissipative device that prevents sound above 96 decibels.
  • Eye protection for operators of vehicles not equipped with a windshield.
  • Headlights and taillights for use from dusk to dawn. Safety flag at least 6” by 12” and 8 feet above the ground on sand dunes or areas designated by the land management agency.
  • Brake light and at least one red rear reflector (if taillight does not reflect).
  • License plate securely fastened to the rear of the OHV and clearly visible.
  • Rearview mirror.
  • Seat and footrests for the operator and passenger if vehicle is designed to carry a passenger.

Arizona Off-Highway Vehicle Guide: OHV Laws and Places to Ride

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