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Hell’s Revenge – Moab UT

Hell’s Revenge 4 x 4 Trail

Hell's Revenge


  • Length: 6.5 miles
  • Skill Level: Advanced
  • Driving Time: 2 -3 hours
  • Fees:
    • Daily – $5 per vehicle
    • Daily – $5 per towed vehicle trailer
    • 7 Day Pass – $10 per vehicle
    • 7 Day Pass – $5 per towed vehicle trailer
  • Usage: Very heavy
  • Open: Year round
  • Type: 4 x 4 trail
  • Surface: Slick rock, red sand
  • Services Available: Camping
  • Vehicles Allowed: SxS, buggies, full size (roll bars needed)

Hell’s Revenge is part of the Sand Flats Recreation Area, an off roading area about 8 minutes outside of Moab.

Sand Flats Recreation Area has some of the most popular 4×4 trails in the Moab area including Fins and Things and the Porcupine Trail.

Dual sport riders can enjoy the Slick Rock Bike trail that is open to both motorbikes and mountain bikes. Unfortunately, Hell’s Revenge isn’t suited to motorcycles.

To tackle Hell’s Revenge, you’ll want a vehicle with roll bars.

Quads and motorcycles are not recommended on this trail.

If you’re looking for remote wilderness and some of the wide open space that Utah is famous for then Sand Flats is not for you. At 9,000 acres, this park has plenty of space, but most of the 160,000 annual visitors are on the trails.

But, all the people on the trail is part of the fun. If you get jammed up or need someone to help you spot your line, other riders will come over and lend a hand. It’s a fun good time on this ATV trail.

Trail is primarily over red slick rock with a bit of soft red sand. You’ll face steep narrow climbs through crevices, sharp descents and rolling hills through the red rocks. It’s a well traveled, well marked trail, so you won’t get lost.

The hardest/scariest part of driving this trail is cresting a hill blind. The ascent is so steep that you literally can’t see what’s at the top. Some of the descents will also take your breath away.

Hair Raising Challenges On Hell’s Revenge

Along the trail are 4 natural features that advanced riders with the right equipment can take on to challenge themselves.

There are 2 steep deep holes called Hot Tub (for SxS & buggies) and Devil’s Hot Tub (for full sized vehicles) and 2 long narrow steep advanced climbs called Hell’s Gate and Escalator.

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For the less adventurous, these more advanced features can be avoided.

Avoid the Hot Tubs if water is present. Water will cause you to lose traction and you will need every advantage.

Mile by Mile Breakdown:

Hell’s Revenge 4×4 Trail

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4 Challenging Sections

These Are All Optional And Can Be Driven Around

Hot Tub

Devil’s Hot Tub (also called the Black Hole)

Hell’s Gate

(Skip forward to 16:10 if you just want to watch the climb)


Escalator on Hell’s Revenge redrockrubi | Flickr

Camping At Sand Flats Recreation Area


  • $15 for up to 5 people
  • $5 for towed vehicle trailer
  • $60 group site

This area has 9 different camping areas and over 120 campsites. No reservations are available, all the campsites are first come, first serve.

Even though there are a lot of campsites, plan ahead if you are hoping to snag a site. During the busy season (Spring and Fall), campgrounds fill up Thursday – Saturday.

Sunday through Wednesday, the campgrounds are at 75% occupancy with 20% off the campsites vacating on a daily basis.

The camping here is dry camping, so no hook ups. Each site does have a picnic table and fire ring. Be sure to bring drinking water, as none is available. Vault toilets are onsite.

This is an exposed red rock desert area, so shade is virtually nonexistent. It’s recommended that you bring a shade shelter.

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Camping With An RV

None of the campgrounds can accommodate RVs longer than 40’.

Of the 120 campsites, only 30 can accommodate RVs 35′ – 40’ long.

The campgrounds are named ‘A’ through ‘H’ and Juniper. Of these campground, only A, B, E and Juniper (J) have campsites for RVs.

There are two group campsites for groups less than 16 people. These group sites can be reserved at Recreation.gov. You can book up to 6 months in advance.

Hell's Revenge

Wild ATV
  • Visit during the shoulder seasons to avoid the scorching desert sun
  • May is nice to catch the Spring wild flower bloom
  • Utah allows for street legal ATVs
  • Driver’s and passengers under the age of 18 are legally required to wear a helmet
  • Youth, 8-15 years of age, must possess an OHV education certificate before operating an OHV on public land
  • Utah no longer has registration reciprocity with any of the other 49 states
  • Registration or a non resident permit is required
  • Utah OHV Laws and Rules

Offroading in Moab UT
Tom Kelly | Flickr

More Great Riding – Utah OHV Sand Dunes

Little Sahara Recreation Area (Eureka, Utah)

Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park (Kanab, Utah)

Sand Flats Recreation Area Rules

  • All vehicles must stay on trails and roads
  • Off trail riding is prohibited
  • This off road area has no “open play areas”
  • Speed limit on the trails is 15 mph

Utah OHV Permit Requirements

  • State residents are required to register OHVs at the DMV. Cost is $35.
  • Non residents are required to purchase a 12 month permit for $30
  • Non residents can purchase a permit online, in person at the Moab Visitor Center, or from an authorized vendor
  • To get a non resident permit you will need a driver’s license or other state issued ID and proof of vehicle ownership such as a title, current registration or bill of sale.
  • Every street-legal ATV operated in Utah must be titled and registered

Utah Resident Registration Information

Non Resident OHV Permits

Featured Image By Tom Kelly | Flickr

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