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5 Micro Toy Haulers For ATVs

Traditional Trailer Vs Micro Toy Haulers

If you’re looking to balance convenience, weight and price with a few creature comforts then a micro toy hauler may be the solution.

These mini trailers will still have all the amenities you crave such as air conditioning/heat, a kitchen and a soft dry bed out of the elements, just in a smaller more efficient design without a lot of bells and whistles.

If you’re used to a traditional RV or trailer, then using a micro toy hauler will require a few adjustments.

In order to accommodate the toys, the interior needs to be 100% usable. This means that couches, tables and beds will either fold up against the walls or raise up to the ceiling.

Everyday when you make camp, you will need to unload the vehicles and spend 10 minutes getting everything “livable”.

This is the biggest adjustment when making the jump to toy haulers. And, it doesn’t matter if your hauler is a mini or a beast, you’ll still have to unload and spend a few minutes setting up.

But, once you get used to it and get a system in place, it shouldn’t take you more than 30 minutes to unload the vehicles and get set up.

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GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) – The maximum weight that the trailer can hold. This includes the holding tanks, your personal items, ATVs/motorcycles, equipment and everything else. You should never exceed the GVWR.

CCC (Cargo Carrying Capacity) – The amount of weight available for fresh potable water, cargo, additional optional equipment and accessories. Available CCC includes fresh potable water (8.3 lbs per gallon), so before you fill the fresh water tank you may need to empty the black and gray tanks in order to not go over the CCC. 

Micro Toy Haulers

Forest River: No Boundaries NB10.6 


  • Sleeps: 4-6
  • Hitch Weight: 288 lbs
  • UVW (Unloaded Vehicle Weight): 2,255 lbs
  • Exterior Length: 13′ 10″
  • Exterior Height: 7′ 9″
  • Exterior Width: 7′ 4″
  • Furnace: N/A
  • Air Conditioning: 13.5k BTU (optional upgrade)
  • Fresh Water: 30 gallons
  • Gray Water: 0
  • Black Water: 0
  • Water Heater Capacity: N/A
  • Electric: N/A
  • Number Of LP Tanks: 0
  • Awning: Yes (optional batwing)

Bare bones super micro toy hauler!

But, believe it or not, this trailer can fit a full size four wheeler. However, compromises will have to be made – this is a lean, mean, no frills model. No bathroom, no grey/black holding tanks, no water heater, no indoor kitchen.

This model has a couple built in fold up tables, but little else in the way of real furniture. Seating and “bedding” are stackable cushions on the floor.

The NB10.6 includes built in storage and a variety of standard equipment including a portable Bluetooth speaker, interior/exterior LED lighting, an outdoor 2 burner glass recessed cooktop, 12V/110 refer, USB charging station, window shades and cold weather package.

Upgrades include a 12V TV, heat strip, air conditioning, dining package, bat wing awning, roof top tent and sports equipment racks/holders.

Company Website: No Boundaries NB10.6 

Forest River: XLR Micro Boost 19XLRE


  • Sleeps: 4
  • Hitch Weight: 600 lbs
  • UVW (Unloaded Vehicle Weight): 4,103 lbs
  • Exterior Length: 22′ 7″
  • Exterior Height: 10′ 9″
  • Exterior Width: 8′
  • Furnace: 20k BTU
  • Air Conditioning: 13.5k BTU
  • Fresh Water: 46 gallons
  • Gray Water: 38 gallons
  • Black Water: 38 gallons
  • Water Heater Capacity: 6 gallons
  • Electric: 30 amp
  • Number Of LP Tanks: 2 (40 lbs total capacity)
  • Awning: Yes
Interior of the 2020 Forest River XLR Boost 18LRLE discontinued in 2021

For reasons unknown, Forest River discontinued their 18′ XLR micro toy haulers. Now the smallest XLR model they carry is the XLR Micro Boost 19LRLE. But fear not, Forest River is still an industry leader when it comes to micro toy haulers.

In addition to the No Boundries NB10.6 covered above, their various RV lines feature several other micro toy haulers including the Flagstaff E-Pro E19FBTH (20′ 2″), Rockwood Geo Pro G19FBTH (20′ 2″), Salem FSX 181RT (21′ 8″), Wildwood FSX 181RT (21′ 8″) and Wolf Pup 18RJB (22′ 9″). 

I suspect the addition of the extra foot was to accommodate an RV queen bed. Previously there was a smaller fold down murphy bed in the back that could sleep two.

I must confess I miss the murphy bed, personally I love them and wish more RVs would utilize them.

This model has a mid sized black stainless steel fridge with 10 cubic feet and a matching built in microwave. The coordinating glass cooktop stove has 3 burners and an oven.

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Although there is not a traditional built in dinette seating area, there are two gaucho sofas in the rear that can sit two people each. These gaucho sofas also do double duty as fold out beds that can comfortably sleep one adult or possibly two children.

Ramp folds down in front of the seating/kitchen area allowing you to just enjoy the view or use it as a deck. Tech users will enjoy the built in USB charging stations.

It also boasts a separate shower stall with a tub. The bathroom includes a skylight for natural lighting.

There’s an optional 30 gallon external fuel station which would be an excellent upgrade if you plan on riding/camping in remote locations.

Company Website: XLR Micro Boost 19XLRE

KZ Recreational Vehicles: Sportsmen Classic 180TH   


  • Sleeps: 4 – 6
  • Hitch Weight: 450 lbs
  • UVW (Unloaded Vehicle Weight): 3,340 lbs
  • CCC: 1,660 lbs
  • Exterior Length: 21′ 8″
  • Exterior Height: 8′ 11″
  • Exterior Width: 7′
  • Furnace: 20k BTU
  • Air Conditioning: N/A
  • Fresh Water: 20 gallons
  • Gray Water: 26 gallons
  • Black Water: 26 gallons
  • Water Heater Capacity: 6 gallons
  • Electric: N/A
  • Number Of LP Tanks: 1 (20 lb capacity)
  • Awning: Yes

The interior has a generous 84″ high interior.

Standard features include LED lighting, 13’ power awning, pass through storage area, tank monitor panel, USB port, 2 interior speakers and a digital media stereo with Bluetooth.

One upgrade that ATVers will appreciate is the off-road package. Not only does this package increase ground clearance, but it also includes aluminum rims with mud tires, double entry step and a heated holding tank.

The toy hauler option features a 78” x 73 1/2” ramp door with a 9′ cargo garage.

Bathroom has a shower rather than a wet bath which is remarkable in such a small trailer.

Kitchen includes a deep sink, 8 cubic inch 12 V fridge, 2 burner stove, built in microwave above the stove and a bit of counter space for meal prep.

In the garage area is a fold down seating area designed to be used for dining and relaxing, plus it can also be used for additional sleeping.

Although the rear bunk beds are a good size, they would be a tight fit for two grown adults. Both bunks are at least 80″ long which is the length of a queen size mattress and a good length for most folks.

However, the bunks fall a bit short on width – the bottom bunk is 50″ wide while the top bunk is only 42″ wide. For comparison, a regular queen is 60″ wide. So, the bottom bunk could potentially accommodate two adults, but it will be a bit tight.

But, good luck fitting two adults in the top bunk. However two small children could probably sleep comfortably. Plus, there’s also the fold out sofa that can accommodate two adults.

Company Website: Sportsmen Classic 180TH

inTech Flyer Explore


  • Sleeps: 4 – 6
  • Hitch Weight: 240 – 410 lbs
  • UVW (Unloaded Vehicle Weight): 2,990 lbs
  • CCC: 970 – 1,540 lbs
  • Exterior Length: 13′ 9″
  • Exterior Height: 7′ 9″
  • Exterior Width: 7′ 8″
  • Furnace: Optional
  • Air Conditioning: Optional
  • Fresh Water: N/A
  • Gray Water: N/A
  • Black Water: N/A
  • Water Heater Capacity: N/A
  • Electric: 30 amp
  • Number Of LP Tanks: 0
  • Awning: Yes

Another stripped down true micro mini toy hauler. No bathroom, no holding tanks, no tables or sofas. But a good clean design that gets the job done.

This is a basic box build, but it does include built in cubby storage, cargo nets and a front tongue box. After you move the vehicles out, you can set up your folding chairs and have plenty of space to spread out.

Tip out tent beds provide comfortable sleeping for four adults. The floor space can be left open or used to sleep an additional two people. Trailers are custom built and buyers have the option of one or two tip out beds. The beds measure 49″ x 84″, so longer than a standard queen, but 11″ more narrow.

So, although it may be short on creature comforts, it packs a lot in for such a small trailer.

Plus, it can fit an ATV or two dirt bikes.

Custom options include off road tires, slide out kitchen, roof rack, AC with heat and awning.

InTech also has a similar micro toy hauler in a slightly larger size, the Flyer Discover. Coming in at 18′, the Discover has room for an indoor kitchen with a small fridge, farmhouse sink and 8.5 gallons of fresh water storage.

Company Website: inTech Flyer Explore

Sunset Park RV Sunray 109E


  • Sleeps: 2
  • Hitch Weight: 160 lbs
  • UVW (Unloaded Vehicle Weight): 1,660 lbs
  • CCC: 2,000 lbs
  • Exterior Length: 16′ 6″
  • Exterior Height: 7′ 6″
  • Exterior Width: 8′ 6″
  • Furnace: Yes
  • Air Conditioning: Yes
  • Fresh Water: 16 gallons
  • Gray Water: N/A
  • Black Water: N/A
  • Water Heater Capacity: 6 gallons
  • Electric: N/A
  • Number Of LP Tanks: 1
  • Awning: Yes

No frills camping with a hitch rack that can accommodate dirt bikes, ATVs and SxSs.

Builds include air conditioning, heat, two burner stove, refrigerator and a sink with a 6 gallon fresh water tank. A fold down sofa folds out to sleep two adults.

And, even though this trailer is tiny, you still get amenities like a portable Bluetooth speaker, cable/satellite hook up, USB ports, backers for a TV mount, LED lights and an antenna mount.

Also comes with the option for an outdoor shower, so you can wash of all that trail dust.

Based in Shipshewana Indiana, Sunset Park RV is not as well known as some of these other manufacturers in our micro toy hauler lineup, but they’ve been in business since 2007. Today they rank as the 11th largest manufacturer of travel trailers in North America.

Although the Rush 19FC may not qualify as a “toy hauler” in the traditional sense, I thought its design made it worthy of inclusion. With this design, the vehicle is stored on a rack outside rather than inside an interior “garage”.

I can see a lot of benefits to this design. For one, the trailer is usable at all times – no need to remove the vehicle. This would be very practical for long camping or road trips where you may move between locations.

Another benefit is that you’re not dragging dirt and mud into your living space. Of course, the biggest downside is that your vehicle is outside exposed to the elements and flying rocks when you’re driving. But, a good tarp and a few bungee cords and you’re set to go.

Sunset Park RV doesn’t sell their trailers direct to consumers, they can only be purchased through RV dealerships throughout the country.

This company specialized in extra small trailers. In addition to the Rush 19FC micro toy haulers, they also have a complete lineup of micro mini trailers that are completely charming and worth a look.

Company Website: Sunset Park RV Rush 19FC

Feature image shows the No Boundries NB10.6 micro toy hauler

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