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Best ATV Storage Lifts

Not all of us are lucky enough to have a sweet three car garage plus an extra shed for the lawn mower.

Most people have a one or two car garage and more tools and toys than space. If this sounds familiar then an ATV storage lift may be just the solution.

We can’t help you with the Christmas decorations, you’ll have to sort that out on your own.

These lifts also work for storing lawn mowers, snowmobiles, SxS and golf carts. Some of them can even do double duty as a mechanic lift.

Best ATV Storage Lifts

Brock Lift

*Price: $1,799 / $2,199


  • Lift Weight (lbs): 1,100 / 2,000
  • Platform Size: 4’ x 8’ / 6’ x 9’
  • Winch Type: Electric
  • Motor: 1.5 HP / 2 HP
  • Dimensions L x W : 10’ x 6’ / 11’ x 8’
  • Weight (lbs): 520 / 520
  • Lift Height: Information not available
Picture From Brock Lift

Built in the USA. All steel frame, extra strong cables rated at 5 times the lift capacity, heavy duty safety chains and commercial grade motors.

Works with ceiling from 9 – 12 feet high. The lift comes with a 10 foot cord, just plug it in and it’s ready to use. No wiring required. Standard 110 V.

The platform lowers to the floor, allowing you to easily drive onto the platform. At the push of a button, the platform rises up out of the way providing additional storage underneath.

Brock Lift has two ATV lift models. The larger 2000 lb lift model has a 6’ x 9’ platform that is capable of holding two atvs, snowmobiles or bikes.

Brock Lift

Super Lifts

*Price: $2,225 / Depends on options


  • Lift Weight (lbs): 1,000 / 2,000
  • Platform Size: No platform. Wheel loop, tire support design.
  • Winch Type: Electric or hand
  • Motor: Information not available
  • Dimensions L x W x H : 104” x 51” x 84” / 120” x 80” x 120”
  • Weight (lbs): 800 / 1,200
  • Lift Height: 63” / 84”
Picture From Super Lifts

Unlike most ATV storage lifts, this lift is designed to be moved. It’s on heavy duty casters allowing it to be moved loaded or unloaded. Casters are rated at 1,000 lbs each.

Also, unlike most other lifts, because it is designed to be moved, it has both an upper and a lower platform.

These ATV storage lifts come with either an electric winch or hand winch option. Heavy duty construction, easy loading ramp, stop break on winch, manual stop pin and Spring-Loaded Lever with Dawg Locks.

The 2,000 lb lift has an upgrade platform/wall feature that really pops and puts your toys on display.

Super Lifts


*Price: $1,860


  • Lift Weight (lbs): 2,000
  • Platform Size: 3’ x 4’
  • Winch Type: Electric
  • Motor: 1 HP
  • Dimensions L x W x H: 64-5/8″ x 69-1/2″ x 84-1/2″
  • Weight (lbs): 605
  • Lift Height: 58″
Picture From Redline

Single post storage lift that bolts to the floor with four corner anchors. Uses standard 110 V power. Built in safety stops.

A motorcycle platform is available as an upgrade.

This company does offer financing if you qualify.


Freestyle ATV Storage Lift

*Price: Call for quote


  • Lift Weight (lbs): 2,000
  • Platform Size: Not available
  • Winch Type: 12 V Electric
  • Motor: Not available
  • Dimensions L x W: Not available
  • Weight (lbs): Not available
  • Lift Height: Not available
Picture From Freestyle

Interesting design. This free standing lift doesn’t require any anchoring. It is designed to be mobile and can be moved when fully loaded.

Remote controlled, 12V electric winch.

Freestyle ATV Storage Lift

Garage Evolution

*Price: Call for quote


  • Lift Weight (lbs): 1,500
  • Platform Size: 4′ x 8′ Standard, Special Orders Sizes Available
  • Winch Type: Electric
  • Motor: N/A
  • Dimensions L x W x H: 10′ Tall, No floor space needed
  • Weight (lbs): N/A
  • Lift Height: 10′
Picture From Garage Evolution

Wall mounted unit that takes up no floor space. Weight is distributed 80% to the floor and 20% to the wall.

Lift goes up 10′ in the air, providing 7′ of clearance underneath. Special order sizes are available for larger platforms and higher lifts.

Once it is lifted at least 2′, lift can be stopped every 6 inches with a positive lock engagement.

Industrial grade 110 v hoist with 4,200 lb lifting cable and safety brakes. There are two safety stop systems for added safety and security.

Platform frame is constructed of steel and finished with two sheets of 3/4″ plywood (not included). Platform is removeable and has heavy duty casters allowing it to be moved even when fully loaded.

Garage Evolution

Facebook: Garage Evolution

Build Your Own ATV Storage Lift

This option requires a little bit of know how. If this isn’t you, building shelving without the lift option is simple and easy. It’s not as sexy as a lift, but it gets the job done (hopefully under budget).

Build Your Own ATV Storage Shelf

If you don’t mind putting in the sweat equity, you can build yourself a pretty nice storage platform with some pallet racking.

You don’t need any special tools or skills – most pallet racking just snaps into place.

This isn’t necessarily a cheap option though, but it is a cheaper option. Expect to pay $400+.

If you’re not in a hurry, shop around and you might be able to pick up some used pallet racking. Your best bet for finding used racks are the local paper, store closing auctions, craigslist and ReStore.


  • Super Easy (although it will go a whole lot quicker with 2 people)
  • Less expensive
  • You can build a much bigger rack
  • Hold multiple ATVs


  • Not a lift
  • Although cheaper than a commercial model, it’s still going to set you back some cash
  • You’ll have to use a ramp to get your vehicles on the upper level

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