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ATV Hawaii: Best Tours & Adventures On All The Islands

ATV Hawaii

Big Island ATV Tours

Since the Island of Hawaii is the largest of the Hawaiian Islands, it should be no surprise that it also has the most ATV tours.

From experiencing nature to learning about the Polynesian culture, these Big Island Hawaii ATV Tours have something for everyone.

Aloha Adventure Farms – Holualoa HI

ATV Hawaii: Aloha Adventure Farms - Holualoa HI
Polynesian History ATV Tour
Aloha Adventure Farms - Holualoa HI

On this tour, Polynesian guides take you on a journey to ‘Hawaii’, ‘Fiji’, ‘Tonga’ and ‘Samoa’ to learn and experience each culture’s rich Polynesian history. Emphasizing hands on fun, this is a family friendly tour perfect for families with small children.

In ‘Hawaii’ you’ll taste the traditional dish of poi that is still popular today. While visiting ‘Fiji’ you’ll test your skills at spear throwing and the Fijian game of pineapple smashing.

A visit to ‘Tonga’ teaches you a traditional sitting dance, mauluula, while still on your ATV. You’ll also learn about Tonga’s traditional welcoming ceremonies featuring traditional wooden drums call lali. ‘Samoa’ will challenge you to crack open a coconut with a small rock to drink fresh coconut water. You can also try your hand at starting a fire using two sticks and coconut husks.

Aloha Adventure Farms

All About The View – Honokaa HI

ATV Hawaii: All About The View - Honokaa HI
All About The View - Honokaa HI

Experience a slice of real Hawaiian life with a UTV tour through the scenic landscape that makes up the WOH Ranch, a working livestock ranch and farm.

The ranch is comprised of a variety of terrain including cultivated gardens, old growth forest, grasslands and sweeping ocean views. Cattle and horses dot the land for a picturesque ride.

Ride past fishponds full of Hamakua sunfish, a spring-fed reservoir, gardens and orchards. You’ll see some of the crops that thrive in the region including dwarf coconuts, breadfruit trees, kukui nut, sugar cane, taro, sweet potato and multiple varieties of heirloom bananas.

Enjoy a short break overlooking the ocean with views all the way to Maui possible on a clear day.

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Children must be at least 7 years and older to participate in this tour.

All About The View

Kohala UTV Adventure –  Hawi HI

ATV Hawaii: Kohala UTV Adventure -  Hawi HI
ATV Hawaii: Kohala UTV Adventure -  Hawi HI

Enjoy a relaxing ride along the rim of Pololū (Valley of the Long Spear), the northern most of Kohala’s seven valleys. Meander from the mountains to the ocean and back again.

Seemly endless lush green hills, cool mists, streams and waterfalls await you on your tour of the inner island lands of Kohala. At one point, you travel through a working cattle ranch where you may see cattle grazing the verdant land.

Staffed and run by native kama’āina o Kohala (people born of Kohala) who love to share their love of Kohala – the land, culture and history. All the executive staff are born, raised and currently living here in Kohala, their ancestral lands.

Kohala UTV Adventure

The Umauma Experience – Hakalau Hawaii

ATV Hawaii: The Umauma Experience - Hakalau Hawaii
The Umauma Experience - Hakalau Hawaii

Travel with a guide through diverse tropical landscapes including a guava grove and the Umauma River. On the 5.5 mile course, you’ll also enjoy stunning views of the Pacific Ocean along the Hamakua Coast.

But, their private waterfall, Umauma Falls, is really the star of the show. Surrounded by lush green trees and flora, the falls has three separate drops that provide the perfect backdrop for a variety of unique Hawaiian adventures. Soak up the view while you enjoy a light snack at the waterfall or take a quick swim to cool down.

Plus, you get to choose your level of adventure with an ATV, a 2/4 seat UTV or ride along with a guide.

In addition to the Hawaii ATV tour, The Umauma Falls Experience also offers several other adventures. The ‘Zip N Dip’ tour that includes 9 zip lines followed by swimming, kayaking or stand up paddle boarding in their private area of the Umauma River. This tour also includes lunch.

Other adventures include horseback riding, waterfall & garden tour and a kayak & swim option.

The Umauma Experience

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Maui ATV Tours

Maui Off Road Adventures – Lahaina HI

ATV Hawaii: Maui Off Road Adventures - Lahaina HI
ATV Hawaii: Maui Off Road Adventures - Lahaina HI

Enjoy the thrill of hitting the trail in a 4 seat CanAm Sport Max 1000; ride by yourself or cut costs by sharing the ride with friends and family. The tour stops twice to give riders the opportunity to swap out drivers, so everyone gets a turn at the wheel.

On this Hawaii ATV tour, you’ll get to see part of Maui that are accessible only by ATV or helicopter. From bamboo forests & jungle canopies to livestock & wildlife – this tour has it all.

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Switch back trails, river crossings and exciting hill climbs make for fun varied riding conditions. There are new adventures around every corner. Maybe, if you’re really lucky, you’ll even get wet and muddy!

Climb 2,000 feet, to be rewarded with endless ocean vistas and views of the outer island.

Maui Off Road Adventures

Maui Mountain Activities

ATV Hawaii: Maui Mountain Activities
Maui Mountain Activities

ATV tours leave twice a day with check ins at 8:15 am and 12:15 pm. After check in, you’re transported to where the ATVs are located on the 500 acre ranch.

A guide leads you up into the West Maui Mountains to view waterfalls in the distance. Then, descend down the mountain for an oceanfront ride.

Ride includes light refreshments.

Maui Mountain ATV Tours

Kauai ATV Tours

Kauai ATVKoloa HI

ATV Hawaii: Kauai ATV - Koloa HI
ATV Hawaii: Kauai ATV - Koloa HI

Be warned that you will get dirty on this trip. And that’s part of the fun! They warn you not to wear good clothes and pack a poncho. Rain or shine, you ride.

This is a three hour tour with over 18 miles of driving, but it’s not all riding. There are frequent stops to learn about the history of the area and check out the sites.

You’ll definitely get to see a unique side of Hawaii on this ATV tour. Learn a bit about Kauai’s history including the Koloa Plantation, Mahaulepu Beach, Waita Reservoir, and Wilcox tunnel.

Built right after WWII, the Wilcox Tunnel was a major transportation route for sugar cane trains. Although this tunnel is no longer in use, this 1/2 mile long tunnel is an interesting piece of Kauai’s history.

There’s also a WWII bunker to explore. (it’s pitch black and they don’t provide headlamps, so be prepared)

At Waita Reservoir you can try your luck at catch and release bass fishing. Enjoy a break from riding with a half mile hike on Mahaulepu Beach.

This tour seems to vary according to weather and tour guide whims, so if you have your heart set on certain destinations, check before you book.

If you’re a Hollywood buff, you’ll enjoy seeing areas where they filmed parts of Jurassic Park, Jurassic World, Fast and Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Jungle Cruise.

The old abandoned Koloa Sugar Mill is where parts of the Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw were filmed. It was the ideal location for the big showdown with the bad guys.

Kauai ATV

Kipu Ranch Adventures – Lihue HI

ATV Hawaii: Kipu Ranch Adventures - Lihue HI
Kipu Ranch Adventures - Lihue HI

This is a popular tour operator with thousands of positive reviews.

Established in 1872, Kipu Ranch has gone through many changes over the year. At one time it was a sugar plantation, but today it is a working cattle ranch. The ranch has 3,000 acres that stretches from the Huleia River to the top of Mt. Haupu.

In fact, Kipu Ranch is large enough to offer two different ATV tours on their property: Waterfall Triple Trail Expedition & Ultimate Kauai Off-Road Ranch Tour. Both tours are sure to delight visitors, but the Ultimate Kauai Off-Road Ranch Tour is their most popular tour.

Both tours run 3 hours and are open to rider 9+ years old.

The Waterfall Triple Trail Expedition takes you on portions of all three trail systems of the Kipu Ranch. Drive right up to a waterfall. People looking to stretch their legs can take a short hike to the top of the waterfall to get a different view. You’ll also get to check out many movie locations. Plan on packing a swimsuit as you’ll have the opportunity for a swim.

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If you’re looking for more of a challenge, then the Ultimate Kauai Off-Road Ranch Tour may be right for you. Although you travel less mileage than on the Waterfall Tour, this tour features more challenging trails. Other highlights includes: diverse landscape, 360° view of  Kauai, movie backdrops and the Huleia Jungle featuring wild coffee, bamboo forests and tropical ginger plants.

In addition, Kipu Ranch prides itself on being on being one of the top eco-tours in Hawaii and was named “2019 Sustainable Tour Operator of the Year” by the Sustainable Tourism Association of Hawaii. They are “Sustainable Tourism Certified” by the Hawaii Ecotourism Association.

Kipu Ranch Adventures

O’ahu ATV Tours

Kualoa Tours & Activities – Kaneohe HI

ATV Hawaii: Kualoa Tours & Activities - Kaneohe HI
ATV Hawaii: Tours & Activities - Kaneohe HI

Kualoa Ranch has a rich 170 years of history. Today this ranch specializes in providing tourists with some of the best tours in the Islands.

They are in TripAdvisor’s Hall of Fame 10 years in a row for having the best Hawaii tours & activities. In 2018, this ranch even beat out Disneyland when they landed at #4 on the list of “Top Trending Worldwide Attraction” on TripAdvisor. And, from 2017-2021, they were even rated number one by Hawai’i Magazine and the Star-Advertiser’s Readers Choice Awards.

It’s near impossible to describe the beauty of Kualoa Ranch. Even by Hawaii standards where unimaginable beauty is everywhere, the Kualoa Ranch is unsurpassed.

And, it’s this impressive, pristine landscape that makes it the ideal movie location. When a movie calls for a lush green tropical landscape, they head to Kualoa Ranch and other shoot location around the Islands. Over the last 75 years, over 200 movies and TV shows have been filmed at Kualoa.

The Ranch offers a variety of tours and adventures including a zip line, buss tour of movie locations, catamaran tour, e-bike tour, horseback tour and more. However, their most popular tour is the 2 Hour UTV Raptor Tour – this is also their only ATV/UTV tour. Book early, because this tour fills up fast!

You have the option to drive your own UTV or ride with a tour guide as you ramble through this amazing landscape into remote scenic valleys. Soak up the incredible views as you journey to the remote areas of Kaaawa “Jurassic” Valley and other famous movie locations.

This is a fun tour that anyone will enjoy, but movie fans will especially enjoy it.

Kualoa Tours & Activities

Coral Crater Adventure Park – Kapolei HI

ATV Hawaii: Coral Crater Adventure Park - Kapolei HI
Coral Crater Adventure Park - Kapolei HI

This off road adventure tour is less about scenic touring and more about tearing it up and having fun. You’ll get plenty dirty and maybe even muddy, so plan accordingly.

Ride your own vehicle as you follow a guided lead vehicle through a lush jungle. They set a good pace, so you’ll have fun as you fly over small hills and take some corners.

Once you learn some basic off road techniques, you’re then ready to hit the technical course where you can really put your driving skills to the test.

This adventure uses SxS that seat two people, so all tours are for two people with pricing per vehicle rather than per person.

Coral Crater Adventure Park

Gunstock Ranch Off-Roading – Kahuku HI

ATV Hawaii: Gunstock Ranch Off-Roading - Kahuku HI
Gunstock Ranch Off-Roading - Kahuku HI

Gunstock Ranch offers a true western experience done up Hawaiian style. The ranch is located on 900 acres up against the Ko’olau Mountains on Oahu’s North Shore. On the ranch side of things they offer a wide range of services including: boarding, beef, livestock sales, rentals, hauling and an arena.

On the tourist side of things they also offer a long list of activities including: pony rides for kids, sunset adventures, horseback riding, dinner tours, eco tours to plant a tree and more.

They offer four separate Hawaii ATV adventures: Private Off-Road Explorer, Private Off-Road Adventure, Off Road Eco-Tour and a Private Off Road Sunset Dinner. These off road tours are guide driven, so you can just relax and enjoy the ride.

The Private Off Road Explorer is a one hour ride tailor made for your private group. Explore scenic mountain trails and a hidden cave that was a filming location for Hawaii 5-0.

With the Private Off Road Adventure, you get a personalized one and a half hour tour catered to your needs. Get a behind the scenes look at a working cattle ranch, plus explore the hidden cave, WWII historical sites and filming locations for TV. Then enjoy a picnic lunch overlooking Oahu’s North Shore.

On the Off Road Eco-Tour, you get a one and a half hour tour of all the popular sites such as the hidden cave and WWII historical sites. Plus, you’ll visit the newly planted native Legacy Forest which is part of Gunstock Ranch’s efforts to be good stewards of the land for future generations. You can also plant a tree of your own for posterities sake (the tree is an extra upgrade).

The two hour Private Off Road Sunset Dinner allows you time to see all the ranch’s popular sites and then tops it off with a locally catered dinner at a private lookout point. After dinner, enjoy a crackling fire and toast marshmallows as the day fades to night.

Gunstock Ranch Off Road Tour

North Shore Stables ATV Adventure & Farm Tour – Waialua HI

ATV Hawaii: North Shore Stables ATV Adventure & Farm Tour - Waialua HI
North Shore Stables ATV Adventure & Farm Tour - Waialua HI

The mission of North Shore Stable is to offer equine activities to all at affordable prices.

But, in addition to lessons, trail rides and pony rides, they also offer ATV riding in a beautiful natural setting.

This is the perfect destination for families with young children who would love to ride their own ATV. In fact, this is the only Hawaii ATV tour that allows drivers as young as 10 to operate their own ATV. Most tour operators require drivers be at least 18 or 21 years old and only a few allow 16+ year old drivers.

There are two sizes of ATVs offered for this tour: small and large. Drivers 10+ can drive the small ATVs while drivers 16+ can drive the large ATVs. Larger ATVs can carry one passenger 8+ years old, but passengers are not allowed on the small ATVs.

Ride through the working farmland of the Waialua countryside with views of Mount Ka’ala, O’ahu’s tallest peak. Enjoy waterfront riding on a peninsula surrounded by ocean with stunning water views.

North Shore Stables ATV Adventure & Farm Tour

Feature Image Hawaii ATV Tours By Aloha Adventure Farms

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