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What To Wear ATV Trail Riding

One of the great thing about ATVing is that you don’t need a lot of specialty clothes or equipment. Some basic common sense and the clothes you already have in your closet are all you need.

If you ride with a tour company, they’ll make some recommendations on what to wear and what to bring on your trail ride. Plus, they’ll supply a helmet with face protection or goggles which are essential safety equipment.

How To Dress For Your ATV Trail Ride

  • Closed Toe Shoes – Personally I prefer hiking boots (I wear hiking boots all day – every day), but you can get by with sneakers. Don’t wear your nice ones, because they’ll get trashed with trail dust. Never wear flip flops! I’ve seen some people say that non-slip secure sandals like Teva sandals are OK, but no, just no. Protect your feet.
  • Long Pants – Jeans are the best choice, but cargo pants are fine for hot weather. Long pants protect you from sun, brush and flying rocks. Some ATVs can also have hot exhaust output which can a burn your leg on longer rides.
  • Long Sleeve Shirt – Wear something loose, comfortable and moisture wicking. Sun protection and avoiding scratches from low branches is the goal here.
  • Bandana – Consider bringing a bandana. I wear one around my neck so I don’t burn up. Plus if you wear it wet, it’s very effective at cooling you down.

ATV Trail Riding Extras

  • Water/Snacks
  • Sunblock/Lip balm
  • Hat and Sun Glasses – You’ll be wearing a helmet and goggles while riding, but a hat and sun glasses for lunch breaks and hiking are recommended.
  • Gloves – Gloves aren’t essential riding gear, but they do offer some nice comfort on cold mornings or long rough rides where your hands are getting hammered.
  • Rain/Wind Suit – If you’re riding in the mountains where the weather can be unpredictable and cold, packing a lightweight rain suit is a good idea and takes up very little space.

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