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Cool ATVs: Flying ATV & Spider Legs

Cool ATVs

Swincar e-Spider

Cool ATVs: Swincar e-Spider

Developed, designed and manufactured in France, the eSpider is an amazing addition to the off road market. Due to it’s French roots, the company has a strong presence across Europe, but they also have a dealer in the US and one in Canada.

There’s a lot to love about this vehicle including the fact that it’s fully electric. It has 4kWh batteries that can run up to 4 hours including 1000m of climbing.

Plus, the batteries recharge on descent and deceleration. Using the external charger, it only takes 2.5 hours to charge.

With a top speed of 18.64 mph (30 km/h), these cool ATVs are made for scenic touring not adrenaline junkies.

Cool ATVs: Swincar e-Spider

Environmentally friendly, quiet and capable of tackling a variety of terrains, this is an exciting vehicle.

The e-Spider has it’s controls, throttle and brakes, grouped around the steering wheel. This makes it ideal for people with mobility issues. But Swincar took it a step further by offering a special ‘Mobility e-Spider’ with additional options to further improve access for people with mobility issues.

Currently, the e-Spider is available in one and two seat models. The single seat e-Spider starts at $17,136, the tandem at $19,759.

Spider Legs

Each articulated wheel of the e-Spider has it’s own motor and is fully independent.

It has a pendulum design, so when riding on uneven terrain, the wheels stay in contact with the ground while the rider remains horizontal.

Cool ATVs: Swincar e-Spider

Test Drive

The only US e-Spider distributor is based in Tennessee. They partnered with Reflection Riding Arboretum & Nature Center in Chattanooga to offer an eco friendly adventure tour featuring the e-Spider.

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Road Use

The Swincar e-Spider MAGA has been granted the legal right to be driven on public roads in France. The MAGA includes additional safety features such as rear lights, dipping headlights, turn signals, horn, parking brake, top case rack, tank and 12V socket.

Plus, the one seat e-Spider has also received road approval, so that it can be registered and travel on all European roads.

Swincar USA

Skyrunner – The Flying ATV

Cool ATVs: Skyrunner

So, you’ve just won the lottery and were wondering what to do with all that extra money. Well, the Skyrunner is your answer.

For the low, low price of $139,000, one can be yours.

This company had the idea to merge an ATV with a parasail to create the Skyrunner. (cool ATV name too!) Everything about this flying ATV is cool, it may be the coolest ATV ever!

The Skyrunner is the first FAA flying vehicle in production. It is classified as an FAA certified special light-sport aircraft (S-LSA).

Get A Pilots License

To fly a Skyrunner, you will have to take a short pilot certification course. In two short weeks you can get your FAA Sport Pilot License (SPL). This is a relatively new pilot certification that allows you to fly ‘Light Sport Aircraft’, but only in the daytime, good weather, and uncongested airspace.


Cool ATVs: Skyrunner, the flying ATV

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LyteHorse Stand Up Electric ATV

Cool ATVs: LyteHorse Stand Up Electric ATV

Based in Canada with a manufacturing partner in Auburn Hills, Michigan, they’re currently only selling their ATVs in North America. Founded in 2018 by two Canadian brothers, Allen Bonk and Brad Bonk, LyteHorse is a relative newcomer to the offroad industry.

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But, they definitely engaged in a little outside the box thinking when they rolled out their cool stand up ATVs.

What Is It?

It has 4 wheels so it’s a quad, but it’s definitely not a ‘traditional’ quad. It’s like a scooter, but it’s more than a scooter. This vehicle is it’s own category.

The founders envisioned a whole world of applications for this new standup ATV, specifically for police and military applications. When standing, police officers would have an excellent vantage point while being nimble and fast. It’s also ideal for golf courses, resorts and gated communities.

But, they’re not all about business – this is a fun vehicle! The standing position allows the rider to be more engaged in the riding experience. There’s a physicality to it that makes it dynamic and exciting.

And, did I mention that it’s 100% electric? So it’s super quiet. This makes it ideal for hunters as well.

LyteHorse Stand Up Electric ATV

Range, Speed & MPH

The 2 WD model comes standard with 2 lithium ion batteries (‘LytePacks’), but is made to accommodate up to 4. Each LytePack is capable of 20 miles of travel, so 40 miles of travel with two, 80 miles maximum with four packs. It takes 2 1/2 – 3 hours to charge each LytePack.

It’s top speed is 40 mph.

Order One Today

They have limited production runs, so rather than buy a vehicle immediately, you have to make a reservation to purchase one when it comes off the line. It’s only $100 to to place a reservation.

The LyteHorse ATV comes as either a 2 WD that starts at $16,000 or a 4 WD that starts at $19,000.

LyteHorse Stand Up Electric ATV

Cool ATVs: LyteHorse Stand Up Electric ATV

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Ziesel ATV Wheelchair

Cool ATVs: Ziesel

Named after the European ground squirrel, this fun exciting vehicle was developed in Tyrol, Austria. Since 2013, they’ve been making them by hand in Tyrol and that is still true today. Each chair is handcrafted and made to order.

With it’s company roots firmly planted in Austria, Ziesel has a strong presence in Europe. Currently they’re sold and shipped within Europe, Australia and parts of Asia.

Sorry, but these cool ATVs are not currently available in the US.

A new Ziesel can be had for about $30,000.

Unique Design

The Ziesel has a lot of interesting design features. It’s a chair on tracks. Plus, it’s fully electric, so it’s quiet and has no emissions. Any one of things alone would make it fairly unique.

But it actually has another feature that truly sets it apart – joy stick operation. The joy stick is intuitive to use and ideal for folks with mobility issues.

With a top speed of only about 18 mph, it may not seem all that exhilarating, but there’s something about the sitting position with the joystick operation that makes it seem faster.

They make two models, an off-road version (Ziesel Sport) and an on-road version (Ziesel Street).

Tracks make it ideal for snow travel, but it also does well on pavement, dirt and mud.

Wheelchair Or Adventure Chair?

So, what exactly is the Ziesel? Is it a tough all terrain wheelchair? Or, is it an adventure vehicle?

It’s both!

First and foremost it was developed for people with mobility issues in mind, so each chair is custom made according to each user’s specific needs.

Virtually all aspects of the chair can be customized including: armrests, access aid, foot hold, wheelchair holder, joystick adaptions and individual power programs.

But, the Ziesel is so much fun that over time it has also morphed into an adventure vehicle. And since it’s electric with zero emissions, it’s ideal for eco tours. Plus, the tracks are wide, so they help disperse the vehicles weight for less environmental impact.

Several companies are already using these cool ATVs for eco tours and adventures. And not just for mobility challenged people. Although access for all is a definite selling point, these tours are open to all.

Ziesel Adventures


Cool ATVs: Ziesel


Cool ATVs: Terraquad

The Terraquad is some next level, James Bond vehicle – part ATV, part boat.

With the simple push of a button, it transforms from an ATV to a boat. As if this isn’t cool enough, it makes this transition in less than 5 seconds and is capable of planing on the water in under 3 seconds. Check out the video to see the wheels fold in – pretty amazing!

It’s a strong performer on both land and water, capable of 50 mph on land and 45 mph on water.

From Concept To Reality

Gibbs, the company that makes the Terraquad, based it off a similar vehicle, the Quadski that was an ATV/Jetski combo vehicle. The Quadski was actually sold from 2013-2016, but isn’t currently sold anymore.

However, Gibbs has rolled out three concept vehicles based off of the Quadski platform, the Terraquad, Biski and the Triski. Since the Quadski actually made it to production, it seems likely that these other vehicles have better than average odds of also making it into production.

Unfortunately, none of these cool amphibious ATVs are currently available to the public. And it’s unknown how much they’ll cost if released, but expect somewhere north of $40,000.


Terraquad amphibious ATV

Cool ATVs

Featured Image By Skyrunner

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