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2022 Arctic Cat ATV/UTV Lineup: Upgrades + A New ATV

Introducing The New Alterra 600 ATV

Starting @ $8,399 – $9,900

2022 Arctic Cat Alterra 600
Alterra 600 SE EPS in Phantom Gray with rack extensions

Increased Power – Better Handling – Durability – Easier Servicing

Looking to add more power to their ATV lineup, Arctic Cat is rolling out the Alterra 600 ATV for 2022.

Current Arctic Cat Alterra Models include the 90, 300, 450 and 700, which will continue to be part of the 2022 lineup.

The addition of the 600 will give buyers looking for increased power more options with the Alterra 600 lineup including 4 different models – EPS, XT, LTD and SE.

Rather than design or build off the 450 or 700 models, Arctic Cat designed the Alterra 600 from the ground up.

Features a new engine built by Arctic Cat in St. Cloud, MN.

2022 Arctic Cat Alterra 600

Alterra 600 Features

  • All New Engine: 600cc, single-cylinder, fuel-injected with 45 horsepower
  • New Drivetrain: features a set of Arctic Cat-tuned CVTech Trailbloc drive and Invance driven clutches for increased performance, smooth low-speed engagement, and longer belt life
  • New Chassis: lower center of gravity for incredible balance, increased stability, and a performance-oriented ride experience
  • New steering geometry for more agility
  • Exhaust: routed down the middle for a cooler ride
  • Electronic 4WD engagement for switching from two- to four-wheel drive
  • Easily accessible storage under the handlebars
  • Garmin TREAD™ Integration:  provides state-of-the-art GPS technology 

2022 Prowler Pro

  • 3 Passenger Starts @ $14,199 – $16,599
  • 6 Passenger Starts @ $15,749 – $19,099
2022 Arctic Cat Prowler Pro
Prowler Pro LTD

Improved Performance And Suspension

For 2022, Arctic Cat has made significant changes to both the 3 person Prowler Pro and the 6 person Prowler Pro Crew.

The 3 person Prowler Pro comes in three models – EPS, XT and LTD.

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Big changes were made to the suspension to increase the ground clearance up to 13 inches while also improving riding comfort, control and performance.

Arctic Cat also improved the engine cooling system to reduce fan run time and enhance engine performance.

No changes were made to the super quiet 50HP that is a coveted part of the Prowler build with a 812cc EFI engine maintains with a work horse capability.

The Prowler also maintains it’s standard features of comfort, storage and durability.

Aggressive styling includes premium bumpers with integrated headlight protection, modern colors, attractive graphics and new aluminum, seven-spoke wheels.

2022 Arctic Cat Prowler Pro

2022 Prowler Pro Changes

  • New suspension: improved for comfort and control
  • Improved ground clearance:  up to 13 inches
  • Beefed up half-shafts: to match the added capabilities of the revised suspension
  • New performance-tuned clutch: suited to utility applications, with Arctic Cat-tuned Trailbloc drive and Invance driven clutches for increased performance, smooth low-speed engagement and long life
  • Improved engine cooling system: to reduce fan run time and enhance engine performance
  • Garmin TREAD™ Integration:  provides state-of-the-art GPS technology 

2022 Wildcat XX

Starts @ $21,299 – $22,699

2022 Arctic Cat Wildcat XX
Wildcat XX LTD

Dominate Extreme Terrain

Also continuing into 2022 are three models of the Wildcat XX, the XX, LTD and SE.

No changes were made to the original Wildcat XX.

But, for 2022, the Wildcat XX LTD and SE were upgraded to the new ADAPT clutch system that improves a wide range features from performance to better cooling with lower emissions.

2022 Wildcat XX LTD/SE Changes

2022 Arctic Cat New Adapt CVT Clutch
All New Adapt CVT Clutch
  • ADAPT CVT: features Arctic Cat-designed drive and driven clutches
  • Lighter-weight, compact design with advanced idler system
  • Offers increased performance and better serviceability
  • System provides faster acceleration and a smoother power delivery for a more exhilarating ride Constant belt tension
  • Improved cooling results in minimized wear and longer belt life with lower emissions
2022 Arctic Cat Wildcat XX

Top Of Its Class

Unchanged is the Wildcat XX reputation for off road domination with the highest horsepower, naturally aspirated engine in its class.

Plus, the only true trailing-arm rear suspension in its class.

Largest in class cab with the most electrical output in its class to power all your accessories.

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Wildcat XX Standard Features

  • 130 horsepower, 998cc three-cylinder EFI engine
  • Premium FOX® 2.5 PODIUM QS3 Shocks with Bottom-Out Control
  • 18 Inches of Front and Rear Travel
  • 4WD Shift on the Fly with Locking Front Differential
  • Dual CVT air intake
  • 15” Ground Clearance
  • 30-inch tires
  • Heavy-duty components
  • Color Matched Suspension
  • 300 lb bed
  • Oversized fenders
  • Spacious cabin
  • Garmin TREAD™ Integration:  provides state-of-the-art GPS technology 

2022 Arctic Cat + Garmin

2022 Arctic Cat with Garmin navigation on dash

Arctic Cat is working with GPS provider Garmin® to integrate TREAD™, the rugged 5.5-inch Powersport Navigator into select off-road vehicles. TREAD can be seamlessly integrated with installation kits for the Prowler Pro, Wildcat XX and Alterra 600.

New integration hardware allows the Garmin® TREAD™ to be securely mounted to the dash for easy use. The TREAD™ is built to survive extreme weather, tough conditions and can be used with gloves.

Treads come preloaded with topographic and street maps for North and South America. In addition, its high-resolution Birdseye Satellite Imagery can be downloaded directly to the device via wifi connectivity without a subscription.

2022 Arctic Cat with view of Garmin navigation on dash

It comes equipped with an altimeter, barometer, compass, pitch and roll gauges.

A premium add on kit includes Group Ride Radio with Bluetooth hands free capability and tracking for up to 20 riders.

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