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DTV Shredder: The Stand Up ATV / Land Jet Ski

DTV Shredder

What is the DTV Shredder?

DTV = Dual Tracked Vehicle

It’s a land capable Jet Ski, scooter, stand up ATV/snowmobile, all terrain vehicle.

However you describe it, it’s 100% awesome!

Is it a vehicle, is it a toy?

It’s both!

This vehicle/toy is designed for 4 season usage. Mud, snow, dirt – the Shredder can tackle them all.

Similar to skateboarding or snowboarding, riders use their whole body to carve turns.

One things for sure, this stand up machine requires a lot more physical engagement than a sit on machine. Riders will require a strong leg stance and good upper body strength to get the most out of this ride.

DTV Shredder

DTV Shredder = Land Jet Ski

DTV Shredder

Remember when Jet Skis were everywhere and then over the course of 3 years they slowly disappeared.

It happened so slowly that you didn’t even notice it, but everyone migrated to sit ons like the Sea-Doo. Consumers ultimately decided with their wallet that Sea-Doos were more desirable than Jet Skis.

The thing is though, that Jet Skis were more fun. Harder to ride for sure, but your whole body being engaged when jumping a wave or making a turn is a different level of excitement.

This is how I would describe riding the DTV Shredder – harder, but exciting and fun.

DTV Shredder Features

Portable Fun

One excellent feature of the DTV Shredder is how easy it is to transport – it easily fits in an SUV / Pick Up Truck and even some hatchback cars.

The handle bars fold down giving it a sweet compact, easy to pack design.

However, they do weigh 250 lbs, so it’s not quite as simple as picking it up and tossing it in. You’ll still need to rig a ramp if you’re planning to load/unload it yourself.


DTV Shredder Feature

Company History

Canadian based company, DTV Shredder Motor Corporation, has been working on the Shredder since 2009. Currently they’re on their 3rd generation model.

They have several distributers throughout Canada, the US, Europe and a smattering elsewhere.

Featured Image By DTV Motor Corp

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