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ATV Ocala National Forest

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ATV Ocala National Forest


  • Total Trail Miles: 189 miles
  • Skill Level: Varied
  • Fee: Trail pass required. (Good for Apalachicola and Ocala National Forests)
    • OHV 3 Trail Passes: $10
    • OHV 7 Day Trail Pass: $25
    • OHV Annual Pass: $75 (valid for 12 months)
  • Usage: Moderate
  • Open: Year round
  • Vehicles Allowed: Varies by trail. Motorcycle, ATV, UTV, SxS and full size 
Ocala National Forest OHV Trail Locations

Ocala National Forest is 24 miles east of Ocala Florida and about 70 miles north of Orlando.

With 383,000 acres, this is the oldest and the most southern forest east of the Mississippi River. It’s also home to the largest contiguous sand pine scrub forest in the world.

3 Separate ATV Riding Areas

  • Ocala North OHV Trails
  • Ocala Centennial OHV Trail
  • Wandering Wiregrass Trail

*These separate riding areas do not connect to one another.

Family Friendly Riding

This is a family friendly riding area with some varied terrain – hills, banked turns, sandy trails and endangered scrub forest with twists and turns.

Going full throttle is discouraged in the Ocala National Forest.

These ATV trails were designed for slow riding so that riders can enjoy the natural environment and appreciate the need for conservation.

A trail pass is required for the Ocala ATV Trails. Buy A Trail Permit Online

ATV Ocala National Forest
ATV Ocala National Forest

Ocala National Forest ATV Trails

1) Ocala North OHV Trail System


  • Mileage: 125 miles
  • Motorcycle Only: 14 miles
  • ATV/UTV < 50”: 35 miles
  • Mixed used (all vehicles including full size licensed): 76 miles
  • Usage: Medium/heavy
  • Vehicles Allowed: Varies by Trail. Motorcycles, ATVs, UTV, SxS, full size
Ocala North OHV Trail System Map
Ocala North OHV Trail System Map

With a combined 125 miles, the Ocala North OHV Trail System is the largest of the three separate riding area. With some of the best ATV trails in Florida, this also makes it the most popular riding areas.

The Ocala North Trails are six different trails with a few different parking areas and access points.

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Motorcyclists will enjoy the 14 mile motorcycle only trail. Two trails can only accommodate motorcycles and ATVs < 50”, but four trails are open to all off road vehicles.

Ocala North OHV Trails

Motorcycle Loop 

14 miles (Motorcycles only)

The motorcycle loop is actually a series of interconnected loops. The trails are narrow and challenging with lots of turns.

Pipeline Trail 

19 miles (Motorcycles and ATV < 50”)

This is the easiest trail to access. There is a parking/staging area off SR 316. The northern loop section has some fun steep banked curves.

Delancy Loops 

16 miles (Motorcycles and ATVs < 50”)

Small interconnected loops with lots of twists and turns.

Hog Valley Trail 

13 miles (Motorcycles, ATV, UTV, licensed vehicles)

This 13 mile loop trail can be reached by a connector trail from the small town of Hog Valley. This trail can only be reached from Hog Valley or from a connected trail – there is no trailhead parking area.

Longleaf Trail 

25 miles (Motorcycles, ATV, UTV, licensed vehicles)

Longleaf Trail provides access to all the other ATV trails, so it’s a great jumping off point. It’s also one of the most beautiful ATV trails as it takes you through some of the largest hills in the region.

The Salt Springs OHV Connector Trail links the Longleaf Pine Loop with the town of Salt Springs, so campers at Lake Delancy West can travel by ATV to Salt Springs for groceries, dining and outdoor supplies.

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Ocala North OHV Trails - Salt Springs OHV Connector Trail
Salt Springs OHV Connector Trail By US Forest Service

Tobacco Patch Trail 

18 miles (Motorcycles, ATV, UTV, licensed vehicles)

Three interconnected loops without a trailhead. Access is from the Longleaf Trail.

Other Ocala North Trails

20 miles (Motorcycles, ATV, UTV, licensed vehicles)

Mixed use and access roads that help bind the riding area together.

US Forest Service: Ocala National Forest OHV Riding And Camping

2) Ocala Centennial OHV Trail

(also called Ocala Adventure Trail)


  • Mileage: 47 miles
  • Usage: Light/medium
  • Vehicles Allowed: Unlicensed vehicles < 65
 Ocala Centennial OHV Trail Map
Ocala Centennial OHV Trail Map

A strict 20 mph limit is enforced.

The Ocala Centennial OHV Trail is a 47 mile loop trail that takes you through the largest contiguous sand pine scrub habitat in the world. Pine scrub ecosystems are endangered throughout the world, so this area is important for conservation.

Ocala FL ATV Trails

3) Wandering Wiregrass OHV Trail


  • Mileage: 17 miles
  • Usage: Light/medium
  • Vehicles Allowed: Motorcycles and ATVs < 50”
 Wandering Wiregrass OHV Trail Map
Wandering Wiregrass OHV Trail Map

This trail gets less use than the other two riding areas. At only 17 miles and open only to motorcycles and ATVs under 50”, this makes it a little less attractive.

However, it’s beautiful, off the beaten track and family friendly. This OHV trail passes through longleaf pine covered hills.

Ocala National Forest Map

Ocala National Forest Map (large view of the Ocala ATV Trails)

ATV Camping at Ocala National Forest

Ride In / Ride Out Ocala ATV Camping

There are two campground on the Ocala ATV trails: Big Scrub Campground and Lake Delancy West Campground.

You can ride from these campgrounds right onto the trails.

Both of these campgrounds are rustic with little to no amenities. However, if you’re looking for full hook ups, a pool, laundry and a few more amenities, there are many private campground within an easy drive of the ATV trails.

Big Scrub Campground

  • Available Sites: 47 campsites (only 2 with hook ups)
  • Fees:
    • Electric (50/30), Water: $30
    • Tent (no electric): $20 per night
  • Reservations Available: Yes

This popular campground provides direct trail access to the Ocala Centennial OHV Trail / Ocala Adventure Trail.

Most of the campsites here do not have hook ups. There are only two campsites with electricity, so if you need hook ups, definitely make reservations. A sewer hook up is also available for a fee.

Drinking water and hot showers are available. Just outside the campground is a loading ramp for ATVs. There is no dump station available.

Black bears are frequent visitors to this campground, so campsites have bear boxes for food storage.

This campground has no shade, so plan accordingly or get baked in the sun.

Choose a campsite off the beaten track. Due to all the off roading and dry dusty trails, campsites close to the roads can get very dusty.

Big Scrub Campground

Lake Delancy West Campground 

(Delancy West Trailhead and Campground)

  • Available Sites: 30 campsites
  • Fees: $5 per vehicle for camping or parking at the campground
  • Reservations Available: No. First come, first serve.

You can ATV from Lake Delancy West Campground onto the Longleaf Trail which provides access to all the other Ocala ATV trails.

The 90 mile Florida Trail (Florida National Scenic Trail), a hiking only trail, passes through the campground.

This campground has no hookups, but water is available. Vault or portable toilets are on site.

There is a large parking area just outside the campground for trailer and ATV overflow parking.

Camping is $5 per vehicle. You will have to pay the $5 if you park at the campground – even if you’re not camping. Day use is also $5 per vehicle.

This campground is located in a longleaf pine / scrub forest, so plenty of shaded sites are available.

Lake Delancy West Campground 

Wild ATV
  • Winter is the busy season in Florida
  • Ocala National Forest requires a trail pass to ride
  • There are 2 campgrounds with ATV trail access
  • Florida has special laws/regulations governing youth operators
  • OHV registration / Proof of ATV ownership required

Florida ATV Youth Operator Rules

  • All riders 16 and under need to pass an online OHV safety course before riding in any of Florida’s National Forests.
  • Free online course: ATV Safety Institute
  • All riders 16 and under are required to carry an ATV safety course certificate which shows they completed the course.
  • Without the certificate, they will not be able to purchase a trail permit.

ATV Ocala National Forest
ATV Ocala National Forest

Ocala ATV Trails Rules

  • Spark arrestors are required.
  • Stay on trails. Cross county travel is prohibited.
  • No mudding or environmental destruction is allowed.
  • OHVs are only allowed on designated trails.
  • No “donuts”, show boating or reckless driving.
  • No night riding.
  • Alcohol is prohibited in day-use areas.
  • No firearms.
  • Only one person per vehicle unless the vehicle is designated by the manufacturer to carry a passenger.
  • Deep tire tread is discouraged. To reduce environmental damage, please keep tire tread under 1 inch.

OHV Ocala Forest in Florida

Ocala ATV Trail Safety

  • Wear a helmet, goggles and appropriate clothing.
  • Be aware that trails are for two way traffic.
  • There are blind corners, fallen trees and other potential hazards, so ride with caution.
  • Hikers, horses and non motorized users may also be on the trail.
  • Don’t ride too fast or recklessly.
  • Do not drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Children under the age of 16 are required to wear a helmet, goggles and boots.

Florida ATV Registration Requirements

  • Florida requires all OHVs to be titled in order to prove ownership.
  • Florida residents are required to carry a copy of their Florida OHV registration and ID when riding.
  • Out of state rider without a Florida OHV title must possess proof of ATV ownership.

Florida OHV Laws

Florida Off Highway Vechicle Guidebook

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