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ATV Trails In Florida

ATV Trails In Florida

Ocala National Forest


  • Total Trail Miles: 189 miles
  • Skill Level: Varied
  • Fee: Trail pass required. (Good for Apalachicola and Ocala National Forests)
    • OHV 3 Trail Passes: $10
    • OHV 7 Day Trail Pass: $25
    • OHV Annual Pass: $75 (valid for 12 months)
  • Usage: Moderate/Heavy
  • Open: Year round
  • Vehicles Allowed: Varies by trail. Dirt bikes, ATV, UTV, SxS and full size 
Ocala National Forest Florida ATV Trails Map

Ocala National Forest is the premier off roading destination in Florida.

Besides private ATV parks, it’s probably the best riding area in Florida.

This National Forest has the most Florida ATV trails with 189 miles, 3 separate riding areas and 8 different ATV trails.

Ocala is hard to beat!

ATV Trails In Florida

Ocala ATV Trail Sections

  • Ocala North OHV Trail System – 125 miles (14 miles motorcycle only)
  • Ocala Centennial OHV Trail / Ocala Adventure Trail – 47 miles
  • Wandering Wiregrass OHV Trail – 17 miles

Dirt bikers will enjoy the 14 miles of dedicated motorcycle only trails in the Ocala North OHV Trail System.

Two campgrounds are located the Ocala ATV trails allowing you to access the trails directly from the campground.

Buy An Ocala ATV Trail Permit Online

Forest Service: Ocala ATV Riding Area

Ride In / Ride Out Camping In Ocala National Forest

Both of these campgrounds have direct trail access.

Big Scrub Campground is on the Ocala Adventure Trail. It has only two sites with hookups, but it does have hot showers and drinking water available. Big Scrub Campground has no shade, so pack your own or prepare to be baked by the sun.

Big Scrub Campground

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Lake Delancy West Campground is on the Longleaf Trail which provides access to all the Ocala North ATV Trails. This campground has no hookups or showers, but drinking water is available. On the plus side, this campground is in a pine/scrub forest so there is plenty of shade.

Delancy Lake Campground

ATV Trails In Florida - Off roading FL
ATV Trails In Florida

Clear Creek OHV Riding Area 

Blackwater River State Forest


  • Total Trail Miles: 52 miles
  • Skill Level: Varied
  • Fee: Trail pass required
    • 1 Day Trail Pass: $15 per machine
    • Annual Pass (July 1 – June 30): $80
    • 6 Month Pass (January 1 – June 30): $40
  • Usage: Moderate
  • Open: Year round. Weekends only.
  • Vehicles Allowed: Varies by trail. Dirt bikes, ATV < 50”, SxS/UTV < 65”
Clear Creek OHV Riding Area Trail Map

Because Florida is pretty flat and populated, it’s not always easy to find great off roading, but Clear Creek some of the best ATV trails in Florida.

One great thing about this riding area is that all trails are one way – this always makes for a much safer riding environment.

The trails take you through forested areas with riding for all skill levels from beginner to advanced.

Unlike most of the other National Forest ATV trails in Florida, Clear Creek riding area is open only on weekends, Friday-Sunday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.

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Trail Mileage Breakdown By Vehicle Size

  • Motorcycle Only: 8 miles
  • Motorcycle & ATV < 50”: 15.7 miles
  • Motorcycles, ATV, SxS / UTV > 50”: 36.30 miles

The Redbird Trail runs straight down the middle of the riding area splitting it into an east side and a west side.

The east side is open to motorcycles and ATVs < 50”. The west side riding area is open to all vehicles including SxS / UTVs < 65”.

All riders are required to wear a helmet.

Buy A Clear Creek Riding Pass Online

Clear Creek Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Brochure (brochure has camping info)

Forest Service: Clear Creek OHVA

Clear Creek Camping

Clear Creek Campground is a small primitive campground with 4 sites located within the riding area. You can ride right from your campsite onto the trails.

No hookups are available.

Just like the riding area, Clear Creek Campground is only open on weekends. You can camp Friday and Saturday night only.

No late check ins are allowed. You need to arrive before 5:00 pm in order to get the gate combo.

These campsites can be reserved in advance by phone or at the gate if sites are still available. If you want to make reservations by phone, you need to call on weekends when they’re open.

Clear Creek Campground

Florida ATV Trails
John | Flickr

Silver Lake OHV Area & Springhill Motorcycle Area

Apalachicola National Forest


  • Total Trail Miles: 55 miles OHV + 56 motorcycle only
  • Skill Level: Easy
  • Fee: Trail pass required. (Good for Apalachicola and Ocala National Forests)
    • OHV 3 Trail Passes: $10
    • OHV 7 Day Trail Pass: $25
    • OHV Annual Pass: $75 (valid for 12 months)
  • Usage: Moderate
  • Open: Year round
  • Vehicles Allowed: Varies by trail. Dirt bikes, ATV, UTV / SxS < 60”
Apalachicola National Forest ATV Trails Map

Since this riding area is less than 25 minutes away from Tallahassee, it’s popular and gets a fair amount of use.

Apalachicola National Forest has 55 miles of ATV trails that are open to vehicles less than 60” wide. Dirt bikers have 56 miles of motorcycle only dedicated trails.

Primarily flat trails through forest on sand and dirt. After a good rain, expect standing water and plenty of mud.

Two trailheads provide access to the trails. OHVs will have to use the Silver Lake Trailhead. Dirt bikers can use either the Silver Lake Trailhead or the Springhill Motorcycle Trailhead.

ATV Trails In Florida - Silver Lake OHV Trailhead
Silver Lake OHV Trailhead By US Forest Service

ATV trails have two way traffic, so ride with caution.

The riding area is open 8am to 8pm in the summer and 8am to 6pm in the winter.

Silver Lake also has a large day use area that costs $5 per vehicle. The big draw for families is the 15 acre lake with a 250’ long white sandy beach for swimming.

There are 45 picnic tables, grills, drinking water, flush toilets and showers. Non motorized boats and fishing are allowed.

Buy An Apalachicola ATV Trail Permit Online

Forest Service: Apalachicola ATV Riding Area

Apalachicola Camping

There’s no camping available in the riding area. Apalachicola National Forest does have camping, just not in the riding area.

Croom Motorcycle Area

Withlacoochee State Forest


  • Total Trail Miles: Trails on 2,600 acres
  • Skill Level: Varied
  • Riding Fees:
    • 1 Day Permit: $15
    • TRA Pass: $10 (weekends only)
    • Annual Pass: $75
  • Usage: Heavy
  • Open: Year round
  • Vehicles Allowed: Dirt bikes, ATV < 55”
Croom Motorcycle Area Trail Map

Croom Motorcycle Area really need a name change!

It’s actually open to motorcycles and ATVs < 55″ wide with a dry-weight of 1,500 pounds or less. 

The trails run throughout the 2,600 acres. Some of the trails are marked, but not all of them.

Croom Motorcycle Area is open year round with year round camping.

There is a training area with kid friendly riding where new riders can ride safely. Intermediate riders also have their own training/riding area.

ATV Trails In Florida - Croom Motorcycle Area
Croom Motorcycle Area By Jason Roberson | Flickr

Technical Riding Area – Motorcycles Only

There is a technical riding area (TRA) for motorcycles only. It’s only open weekends, Friday – Sunday. The TRA also includes an Enduro/obstacle course for pass holders.

The TRA consists of two track – one for adults, one for children. Access to the tracks is limited to ensure rider safety.

Technical Riding Area at Croom Motorcycle Area

If you would like to use the technical riding area, you need both a Croom Motorcycle Pass and a TRA pass.

Buy A Croom Motorcycle Pass Online

Technical Riding Area Day Passes and Info

Forest Service Website: Croom Motorcycle Area

Croom Motorcycle Area Jason Roberson | Flickr

Croom Motorcycle Area Camping

Buttgenbach Campground is located in the riding area with direct access to the riding area and it’s open year round.

No late arrivals. If you arrive after 5pm, you will not be able to camp. A gate code is required.

There are 51 sites available for RVs and tents for $23 a night. Hookups with 30/50 amp and water are available. Sites can accommodate large RVs.

The campground has drinking water, two bathhouses with showers and a vehicle wash station.

Buttgenbach Campground Reservations

For more great riding: ATV Parks In Florida

Tate’s Hell State Forest


  • Total Trail Miles: 150 miles
  • Skill Level: Easy
  • Fee: Trail pass required
    • 3 Trail Passes: $15 per rider
    • OHV Annual Pass: $75
  • Usage: Light
  • Open: Year round
  • Vehicles Allowed: ATV, UTV/SxS < 65”
Tate’s Hell State Forest

This 150 mile riding area is on existing forest service roads.

Since the trails are all roads, the riding is all easy.

The riding is uninspiring, it’s just long straight roads on mostly hard packed dirt.

If you’re not into mellow road riding, then Tate’s isn’t for you. But it’s great for beginners and families.

It’s mostly wooded, so the scenery isn’t too exciting. Plenty of wildlife with the opportunity to spot bears, foxes, bald eagles plus lots of other birds.

This region includes pine forests, rivers, swamp wetlands and 150 year old dwarf cyprus forests.

Buy A Tate’s Hell Riding Pass Online

Forest Service: Tate’s Hell OHV Trail System

Tate’s Hell Camping

County Line Campground has 3 large primitive camping sites within Tate’s Hell OHV area. Sites are $10 a night and can be reserved online.

No hook ups, water or amenities are available, but there is a vaulted toilet.

While the ATVing is boring, the camping area is actually pretty nice. Big sites, lots of trees. Nice place to chill and get away from it all for a couple days.

Mallory Swamp


  • Total Trail Miles: 38 miles
  • Skill Level: Easy
  • Fee: None
  • Usage: Light
  • Open: May – mid September (start of hunting season)
  • Vehicles Allowed: Dirt bikes, ATVs, UTV, SxS
Mallory Swamp ATV Riding Area

The riding here is similar to Tate’s Hell – not a whole lot of variety or excitement.

Riding is on existing hard packed sand/dirt Forest Service Roads.

The ATV trail has no shade. There are a few here and there, but it’s mostly flat wide open space with low brush growth. No trees = no shade, so it’s super hot and humid in the summer.

There is a self registration kiosk at the trailhead off Crapps Tower Grade. There is a box onsite where you can get a special use authorization (SUA). You are required to sign and have the SUA in your possession when riding the Mallory Swamp ATV trails.

The SUA just stipulates basic rules like riding only on marked trails, spark arrestors are required, youth riders must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, etc.

Water Management District: Mallory Swamp

Mallory Swamp Camping

No camping is available in the riding area.

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