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Extreme Off Road UTV Trailers Made For Adventure

Whatever your needs, these off road UTV trailers are backcountry capable and lightweight enough to be pulled by UTVs.

Maybe you’re looking to try your hand at overlanding, or maybe you need a strong hunting trailer, or maybe you just like a comfy zero gravity chair and a cooler full of ice cold beer. (This is a judgment free zone, we like a zero gravity chair too).

No need to compromise on your route, these aggressive, strong, off road UTV trailers are made for rugged travel with overlanding, camping and hunting in mind.

But, this aggressive performance comes with a higher price tag, so expect to pay for quality.

If you’re looking for a more traditional ATV/UTV work trailer, head on over to Tough Built ATV Carts For Work & Hauling.

Off Road UTV Trailers

Boski 1600 Aluminum ATV Trailer

Off Road UTV Trailers: Boski 1600 Aluminum ATV Trailer

Starts @ $3,500

Trailer Weight: 502 lbs
Weight Capacity: 1,600 lbs
Volume Capacity In Cubic Feet: 34
Material: Steel frame/Aluminum body
Ground Clearance: 11″
Overall Dimensions: 113” x 47″ x 44”
Trailer Bed Dimensions: 73” x 45″ x 24”

Based out of Caldwell ID, Boski knows trailers. In 2004, their 1600 utility trailer was voted “Most Innovative Product of the Year” at the ATV Expo.

All their off road UTV trailers are great, but we especially like the hinge top enclosed Aluminum 1600 for backcountry travel. This beautifully designed, enclosed trailer keeps your gear dry and dust free.

It has a generous 34 cubic feet of interior storage space, but extra gear is no problem. Just throw it on the lid which has rails for safety, security and tie down points.

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The lid is awesome – it comes with gas shocks for a smooth open/close. You literally just have to give it a slight push and it essentially opens on it’s own with minimal effort.

Off Road UTV Trailers: Boski 1600 Aluminum ATV Trailer

Tough Aluminum Construction

The aluminum body is built on a sturdy 2” x 2” powder coated steel frame. So, the steel provides strength where needed while the aluminum body helps keep the weight down.

Trailer includes power brakes with a brake controller included with the trailer. A secure exterior gas can holder is welded on the front for easy access.

Also comes with an interior drain plug which makes it easy to hose down after use.

Heavy duty dual axels with independent suspension deliver performance while still ensuring a comfortable ride. Large 25″ tires are ready for almost anything.

This enclosed aluminum style with the flip up lid comes in three sizes. This 1600 is the middle size, but there is also a smaller 800 ($2,000) and a larger 2000 ($4,500).

Boski also makes other heavy duty trailers including open trailers with tilt beds.

Boski 1600 Aluminum ATV Trailer

Check Out The Boski In Action

Here’s a guy using the 1600 on a desert adventure. His review of the trailer starts about half way through at 20:55. You can see how sweet the lid opens and how much gear you can pack:

Youtube channel, ATV Overland, uses this trailer. If you haven’t checked out his videos, you should. Amazing! He uses a Boski 800 on some of his adventures and gave it a review here:

In-depth review of the 800 – Strong Build With 3 Flaws:

Tentrax Ascend

Off Road UTV Trailers: Tentrax Ascend

Starts @ $12,000

Trailer Weight: 600 lbs
Weight Capacity: 1,800 lbs
Volume Capacity In Cubic Feet: 35
Material: Steel frame/Reinforced fiberglass body
Ground Clearance: NA
Overall Dimensions: NA
Trailer Bed Dimensions: 48″x48″ (height unstated)

The Tentrax brand evolved from Backcountry Trailers that were around in the 1990s. Over time, they moved the company from Oregon to North Carolina while modifying and upgrading their trailers along the way.

They’ve been making the Ascend trailer since 2001, so it’s well tried and tested. Plus, they test their trailers on some of the more challenging terrain of the Rubicon Trail and Moab, so you know they’re up to the task.

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Features A Roof Top Tent

This is a true overland trailer with a roof top tent built into the trailer lid. A roof top tent is favored by a lot of Overlanders because sometimes the terrain isn’t ideal for setting up a tent.

With a quick flip of the lid, you can have this tent set up in a minute. Literally – a minute! Maybe a minute and a half if you’re moving slow. The foam bed folds out to a finished size of 48″x96″.

One handy feature of the Ascend is that you can access the dry storage trailer while in the tent – no need to go outside.

Rather than an aluminum or steel body, the Ascend features a reinforced fiberglass body on a 2″ powder-coated steel frame.

Comes with 30″ all-terrain tires on black steel wheels, but the trailer can accommodate up to 38″ tires. Although the ground clearance is unstated, with 30″ tires, you’re guaranteed to have all the clearance you need.

Standard features include: rear grab handle, frame mounted front rack, roof rack, hitch ball, 4-pin wiring harness, safety cables, heavy duty removeable jack and rubber cargo map.

Off Road UTV Trailers: Tentrax Ascend

Tentrax offers many customizable features on their trailers including: a 4 gallon solar Yakima Road Shower, custom paint, wheel/tire size & bolt pattern.

In 2021 they rolled out the Overlook trailer to give their customers more options. This trailer has slightly more interior storage because it doesn’t come with the built in tent option. However, it is still designed to be used with a roof top tent, it’s just not built in.

Without the built in tent, the Overlook is 100 lbs lighter than the Ascend, plus it’s $1,500 cheaper with a base price of $8,500. However, with the addition of the $1,400 roof top tent, the price is almost the same.

Tentrax Ascend

Check Out The Tentrax In Action

This guy has an enviable set up for his Tentrax Overlook:

Marlon ATV 1605 Pull Behind Trailer

Off Road UTV Trailers: Marlon ATV 1605 Pull Behind Trailer

Starts @ $4,000 (with lid & gas can holder)

Trailer Weight: 357 lbs (without lid)
Weight Capacity: 1320 lbs
Volume Capacity In Cubic Feet: 45
Material: Steel frame/Aluminum body
Ground Clearance: NA
Overall Dimensions: NA
Bed Dimensions: 69″ x 44″ x 24″

Marlon’s ATV 1605 is very similar to Boski’s aluminum 1600. But, with the Marlon, the lid is optional plus you get 10 extra cubic feet of storage.

In fact, this is a beast of a trailer with 45 cubic feet of storage in a lightweight aluminum body. It’s thoughtfully designed with a beam welded to each side for plenty of tie down points and a drain plug to make cleaning easy.

25″ tires on dual axles with walking beam suspension give you plenty of ground clearance while also keeping all four tires firmly planted when the going gets tough.

Off Road UTV Trailers: Marlon ATV 1605 Pull Behind Trailer
Walking beam suspension at work

In fact, its this walking beam suspension (articulating axle) that really sets this trailer apart.

Walking beam suspension connects the axles so that the load stays balanced without putting too much weight on the other wheels potentially causing a blow out. This is the ideal setup for rough backcountry travel on uneven terrain.

Optional features include: a lid with gas shocks and gas can holder.

Marlon ATV 1605 Pull Behind Trailer

Check Out The Marlon In Action

Bivouac Off Road Trailer – Crawler

Off Road UTV Trailers: Bivouac Off Road Trailer - Crawler

Starts @ $5,000

Trailer Weight: 400 lbs
Weight Capacity: NA
Volume Capacity In Cubic Feet: NA
Material: Aluminum diamond plate
Ground Clearance: NA
Overall Dimensions: 48″ wide
Bed Dimensions: NA

Manufacturer Mother Of All Bivouacs (MOAB), based in Phoenix AZ has been making off road trailers since 2008. Their goal when starting out was to create the “Swiss Army Knife” of trailers and they’ve done an excellent job of delivering on that concept.

MOAB offer a complete lineup of nine off road UTV trailers; all built trail tough with rugged travel in mind.

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But, the Crawler is the best one for ATV/UTV travel. Coming in at 400lbs, this aluminum tub style trailer manages to cut the weight without sacrificing quality.

Without a doubt, the best feature of the Crawler is the 2 person roof top tent that comes standard. No extra fees!

Off Road UTV Trailers: Bivouac Off Road Trailer - Crawler

Since it’s designed to be towed behind an ATV/UTV, it’s made with ATV tires. Plus, it’s only 48″ wide, so it’s perfect for those narrow trails.

Comes in two finish options – black and aluminum.

Bivouac Off Road Trailer – Crawler


Off Road UTV Trailers: Tetra-POD

Starts @ $3,000

Trailer Weight: 475 lbs
Weight Capacity: 2,000 lbs
Volume Capacity In Cubic Feet: 27
Material: Powder coated frame/HDPE plastic
Ground Clearance: 14″
Overall Dimensions: 109″ x 56″ x 44″
Bed Dimensions: 60″ x 54″ x 44″

The Tetra-POD may not be for everyone, but for fisherman this unique trailer may be just the ticket.

It’s the only UTV trailer that converts into a boat! But, the manufacturer is clear that it was made to be an ATV trailer 1st and a boat 2nd.

Tetra-POD ATV trailer

It looks like it may not be as aggressive as these other trailers, but looks can be deceiving.

It’s well designed for off road use with heavy duty walking beam axles that are ideal for rough terrain. This tough build also includes 2,000 lbs axles and hubs.

As a trailer, it’s a pod design with a powder coated frame and a body constructed of HDPE plastic. The removeable cover has gas shocks for easy use.

One added bonus is that it’s a dump bed with a steep angle, so you get a clean dump.

To convert it from an ATV trailer into a boat is an easy process that takes just a few minute.

It converts into an 11′ jon boat with two removeable foam filled seats. It can carry 2 people and has a payload capacity of 766 lbs. Due to their wide flat bottom design, jon boats are very stable – ideal for fishing. It’s made to be used with a small 3 hp outboard.


Check Out The Tetra-POD In Action

Build Your Own

If you have the skills, tools and ambition you can always build your own off road UTV trailer. This option can also save you some serious money.

Of course, what you save in money you could more than make up for in hassle, irritation and heartbreak. Choose wisely!

You have plenty of options for DIY:

  • Build from the ground up with your own design
  • Buy used and modify
  • Purchase a kit

Be sure to check out their follow up video – Did They Fall Apart?

Here’s another DIY:

Off Road UTV Trailers

Featured Image Tentrax

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