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Top 10 ATV Hunting Accessories

Top 10 ATV Hunting Accessories

1. Gun Rack or Gun Boot

ATV Hunting Accessories

You have two options when it comes to safely transporting your hunting rifle – a gun rack or a boot. Both have their virtues:

  • Racks can accommodate 1 or 2 guns and allow quick easy access
  • Boots are designed to carry 1 gun and are water/weather resistant

Check out the best gun storage solutions here: Best ATV Gun Rack Options

2. Muffler Silencer

ATV Hunting Accessories

Modern ATV exhaust systems are definitively quieter than older models, but you’ll still want to invest in a silencer if you’re using your rig for hunting. Using an ATV muffler silencer will reduce noise output by 5-7 decibels without impacting performance.

There are muffler silencers that fit specific ATV models as well as universal fit designs that work on a wide range of exhaust systems.

3. ATV Deer Hoist / Deer Loader

ATV Hunting Accessories

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A deer hoist makes it quick and easy to hoist your deer for field dressing. It also makes it easy to load your deer onto your trailer or rack. If you’re trying to save your back, a deer hoist will be money well spent.

With the right sized hitch, you’ll be able to use the deer hoist on both your ATV and your truck, so it’s pulling double duty.

This guy has a good way of loading a deer on an ATV. His method still requires a bit of muscle, but it’s easier on the back than dead lifting.

4. Hitch Rack

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Plenty of hunters carry their kills out on their ATV racks, but this doesn’t work for everyone. The biggest benefit of an ATV hitch rack is that it’s only about two feet off the ground which makes it a lot easier to load.

A hitch rack is also great for extra storage if you plan on doing any back-country camping.

5. Trailer

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Deer and sheep will fit on a rack, but anything bigger and you’re definitely going to need a trailer. So, if you hunt moose, elk or bear you’re going to need a trailer.

6. ATV Cab / Blind

Whether you hunt with an ATV or a UTV, a cab enclosure to escape the wind and rain will keep you comfortable while you track your game. There are also camouflage ATV cabs available, so the cab enclosure can double as a blind.

7. Winch

ATV Hunting Accessories

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An ATV winch is essential not just for hunting, but for trail riding as well. If you’re riding in mud, snow or on challenging trails, a winch is an essential piece of safety equipment.

A winch will allow you to pull yourself or other riders out of hazardous conditions and get you safely back on the trail. Plus, a winch can also help remove fallen trees or rocks from the trail.

For a detailed view of winches check out: Best ATV Winches: Synthetic Rope And Steel Cable. This article covers the pros and cons of synthetic rope vs cable steel and gives a roundup of the highest-rated winches.

8. Storage Box

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Hopefully you already have a storage box on your ATV, but if you don’t, you’ll definitely want to get one for hunting. You’ll need a place to carry your rain gear, survival kit, ATV tire repair kit, ammo and snacks.

9. Rechargeable Heated Gloves

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Keeping your extremities warm is essential. If you can keep your hands, feet and ears warm, you can hunt for hours in comfort.

Some of these gloves can be bulky, so you may not be able to use them when shooting, but they’re great for riding, stalking game or just enjoying the outdoors.

10. Rechargeable Heated Socks

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Socks aren’t specifically ATV hunting accessories, but you can’t beat warm feet. Heated socks are mostly marketed to skiers, but they’re perfect for anyone who enjoys cold weather sports including ATVers and hunters. No matter how cold it gets your feet will be warm and toasty.

Before heading out into the wild, make sure you have an ATV Trail Riding Survival Kit so you’re prepared for any emergency. We also have a downloadable ATV trip checklist that you may find handy.

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