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ATV Tire Repair: How To Fix A Flat With A Tire Plug

ATV tire repair

ATV Tire Repair

Difficulty Level: Easy

Tools Needed For ATV Tire Repair

  • ATV Tire Repair Kit
  • Pliars (if needed to remove the nail/cause of the puncture)
  • Extra soapy water to make sure the plug fixed the puncture
  • Air Compressor (you will need CO2 cartridges or a mini portable air compressor for an on the trail repair)

ATV tire repair kit
ATV tire repair kit with 12V mini-tire compressor, tire patch and plug kit mtneer_man | Flickr

To Use CO2 Cartridges

You will need 4 or 5 CO2 cartridges.

Most ATV tires will require 2-3 of the small BB cartridges to get up to 3.5 lbs of pressure. This is enough to limp back to the trail head.

To fully inflate up to 6 lbs, most tires will require 3-4 cartridges. Plus, plan on having at least one spare for fixing the flat itself.

Basics Of ATV Tire Repair

*The tire needs to be inflated in order for the plug to work

*This type of ATV tire repair only works with punctures – not blow outs or major damage.

*You will need to work quickly once the nail is removed (so that the tire doesn’t deflate), so lay everything out and get prepared.

*If you’re doing this repair out on the trail, don’t worry about using the soapy water to make sure the plug took. Fix the flat and head back to the trailhead ASAP, you’ll know soon enough if the plug took or not.

You will need CO2 cartridges or a portable air compressor for an on the trail repair

ATV Tire Inflation Kit
Portable Tire Compresser
ATV Tire Repair Kit

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Step By Step For Fixing A Flat With A Tire Plug

  1. Add air to the tire if needed
  2. Pull the nail
  3. Insert the reamer tool into the hole working it in and out several times to clean the hole out
  4. Leave the reamer in the hole while you get your plug ready
  5. Thread the plug (tire plug string) through the eye in the plugger tool (similar to threading a needle head only bigger)
  6. Thoroughly coat the plug with cement
  7. Pull out the ream tool
  8. Insert the plug into the hole, making sure to not go too deep
  9. Let the plug set for a few seconds (follow directions on your kit, but should be about 5 -10 seconds) Remove the push tool (when you pull out the tool, the plug will remain in the hole)
  10. Continue to let the plug set up for a good bond (follow the directions on your tire plug kit, but should be about 2-5 minutes)
  11. Refill tire with air
  12. Pour the soapy water over the plug. If the plug didn’t take 100% and the tire is still leaking, you will see bubbles escaping through the soap
  13. Trim the plug so there is only a little sticking out the hole

ATV Tire Repair Kits

ATV Tire Repair

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ATV Tire Repair

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