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Polaris Ranger Wheelchair Accessible UTVs

Wheelchair Accessible UTVs

Obviously, there are many challenges to being a wheelchair user and things are still far from perfect in regards to access, but things are getting incrementally better.

When most people think of access they think of government buildings, businesses, concerts, dining out or having a motel room with an ADA shower. And things are slowly improving on this front.

But what about people who love the outdoors?

In the not so distant past, fisherman, hunters, nature lovers, wildlife photographers and hikers had to sacrifice their passions when they developed mobility issues.

Fortunately, the advent of off road capable wheelchairs has opened up a lot of terrain that was previously off limits to people with mobility issues. There are both push and motorized wheelchairs that are pretty amazing.

For example, this bad boy will get you where you want to go:

But, what about wheelchair accessible UTVs?

Unfortunately, when it comes to wheelchair accessible UTVs, buyers don’t have a whole lot of options. I couldn’t find anyone that is mass manufacturing wheelchair accessible UTVs.

However, you can get a wheelchair accessible UTV custom made with a host of features/upgrades designed for each user’s individual needs.

One company that is fabricating these UTVs is Mobility Quad based out of Missouri. This veteran owned business uses Polaris Rangers’ as the base vehicle and modifies as needed.

Best of all, the UTV is modified to accommodate wheelchair users as either a passenger or as a driver. Hand controls and joy stick steering options are available.

Of course, these modifications aren’t cheap.

Mobility Quad custom fabrication starts at $12,500.

Some of the modifications available include:

  • 6 Month Warranty Extended $1,200
  • Polaris Ranger 1000 61HP $18,000
  • Polaris Ranger 1000 83HP $21,400
  • Polaris Ranger 1000 Crew NorthStar AC/Heat $31,000


  • Hand Controls $1400
  • STD Ramp $0
  • Power Ramp $600
  • Roof $550
  • Windshield $450
  • Ez-Lock $1200
  • Power Brakes $2,400
  • Removable seat (each) $600
  • Enclosed Aluminum rear doors, Front doors vinyl $8,500
  • Joy Stick steering (none brake, throttle) $2,800
  • HD Nurf Bars $400
  • HD Skid Plate $300
  • Turn Signals $550
  • Winch $550
  • Fire Extinguisher $150

Mobility Quad

Wheelchair Accessible UTVs
One of Mobility Quad’s builds made for hunting via

Dual Driving Controls

Here’s an example of one of Mobility Quad’s Polaris Ranger builds. What’s interesting about this design is that it’s set up with a joystick control that can be used by either a driver in a wheelchair or the front seat passenger.

Featured Image by Compassion Mobility

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