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Rasor Dunes OHV Area (Barstow, California)

Overview of Rasor Dunes

Open: Year Round
Latitude / Longitude: 35.07, -116.278
Managed by: BLM
Usage: Light
Fee: Free
Camping: Free dispersed camping
Location: Southeast CA (20 minutes from Baker CA)

Rasor Dunes OHV Area  Map

From Baker
Travel 16 miles South on I-15
Take exit 230 for Basin Rd
Turn left on Basin Rd (dirt road)
Drive 1/2 mile to staging area

Rasor Dunes OHV Area

Very remote low desert area used primarily by locals.

There is one major soft sand bowl, some good climbing hills and a lot of sand riding through the scrub brush trails. Elevations range from 1,275 feet at the Mojave River to 2,427 feet.

Go in Spring to experience the colorful bloom featuring beautiful desert wild flowers.

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Websites For Additional Information

BLM: Rasor Dunes OHVA

Local Rider Website: Rasor Road

This is a site by local riders with some excellent pictures of the ATV sand dunes in the Photo Section. The road conditions don’t seem to be updated regularly, but the pictures give a nice overview of the region.

Rasor Dunes OHV Area
Photo By BLM

  • No glass containers
  • Riding is only recommended from October – April due to scorching summer heat
  • All ATV / UTV must be registered and display a red or green sticker. $52 for 2 years
  • Out of state registration is OK and accepted. But, if your home state does not have an ATV / UTV registration process, then you must purchase a California Nonresident OHV Use Permit for $30.
  • Red sticker riding season is September 1 – May 31
  • Green sticker riding season is year round

Where To Purchase A Nonresident OHV Permit


Understanding California Red and Green Stickers

CA Air Resources Board (ARB) established regulations to limit the use of Off-Highway Vehicles (OHVs) that do not meet emission standards applicable for California OHV riding areas.

After the regulations were established, ARB and DMV worked together to develop criteria for identifying non-complying OHVs. OHVs are registered by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). A red or green sticker is issued depending upon certain criteria.

Green stickers are issued for all California OHVs year model 2002 and older, including those that were previously issued a red sticker, and to 2003 and newer complying vehicles. Green stickers are issued to OHVs for year round use at all California OHV riding areas.

Red stickers are issued to 2003 year model and newer OHVs that are not certified to California OHV emission standards. If your OHV has a “3” or “C” in the eighth position of the vehicle identification number (VIN) then your vehicle will be issued a red sticker. Red stickers are issued to OHVs that can use California OHV riding areas for seasonal use only.

Rules & Regulations

ALCOHOL: Open container and DUI laws apply off-highway just as they do on-highway. Don’t drink and drive.
DOGS: Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times. Please clean up after your dog.
LIGHTS: OHVs operated between sunset and sunrise must display at least one lighted white headlight and one lighted red taillight visible from 200 feet.
NOISE EMISSIONS: The law limits noise emissions from all OHVs. Noise emissions for most OHVs are limited to not more than 96 dBA when measured from a distance of 20 inches using standardized test procedures. For more specific information, go to:
REACH AND OPERATE ALL CONTROLS: All operators of off-highway vehicles must be able to reach and operate all controls.
REGISTRATION: When operating an OHV you must display either a license plate or an OHV sticker. OHV stickers include “Green Stickers,” “Red Stickers,” California Nonresident OHV Use Permits, and OHV stickers from states that have an OHV program.
SPARK ARRESTERS: All vehicles operating off-highway must be equipped with either a street legal mu_x001D_er or a spark arrestor maintained in effective working order.
SPEED: The speed limit is 15 mph on the beach and in camping and developed areas. Never drive faster than is safe for conditions.
SUSPENDED OR REVOKED LICENSE: Anyone whose driving privileges have been suspended or revoked is prohibited from operating any motor vehicle, on- or off-highway.
VEGETATION: It is never legal to run over vegetation.
WHIP AND FLAG: All off-highway registered vehicles must have a whip and flag to operate at Oceano Dunes SVRA. All highway registered vehicles must have a whip and and to operate in the dunes.

California OHV Laws

OHV Registration Requirements

Nonresident OHV Use Permits

California Vehicle Code Division 16.5

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