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ATV Implements For Food Plots – Work Smart Not Hard

With inflation at an all time high, it’s no big surprise that more people are considering putting in a garden. Things are getting tough for hardworking Americans.

And inflation isn’t the only worry.

At the grocery store, it seems that more and more shelves are either empty or stocked very thin. Will we be facing potential food shortages?

Other people desire to a life closer to nature, living a simple more grounded life. Nothing is more satisfying or as delicious as fresh organic food grown from the sweat of your own brow.

So, whether you’re a homesteader or a doomsday prepper, these ATV implements for food plots will help you get things done.

ATV Implements For Food Plots

Neat Attachments Chain Harrow

ATV Implements For Food Plots: Drag Chain Harrow
6’4″ x 3′ Multi Action Drag Chain Harrow

Depending on the task at hand, this chain harrow can be used tines down or tines up.

When used tines down, this attachment really digs in for aggressive landscaping needs such as breaking up soil or weeding. But, with the tines up it’s perfect for spreading or smoothing topsoil.

This is a larger harrow, over 6′ wide with 64 tines that are 3″ long and 3/8″ in diameter. It weighs 82 lbs, so it’s a substantial piece of equipment.


  • Tilling
  • Weeding
  • Spread manure/dirt
  • Break up cow patties
  • Level fields
  • Cover seed beds
  • Driveway/walkway maintenance
  • Pulverize top soil
  • Riding arena maintenance

Craftsman Dump Cart

Craftsman Dump Cart
Craftsman Dump Cart

If your UTV doesn’t have a tilt dump bed, then a tow behind dump cart is a must have.

It’s one of the most practical ATV implements for food plots and will probably end up being one of your most used pieces of equipment.

Bed measures 32.5″ L x 46″ W x 11″ H and has a 10 cu. ft. / 350 lb load capacity. The 14″ ribbed tires allow the cart to move easily without tearing up the grass.

This cart does need to be assembled. Although it says 30 minutes to assemble, plan on closer to an hour.


  • Landscaping
  • Haul manure
  • Gardening
  • Move firewood
  • Tote building supplies

Groundhog ATV Disc Plow

ATV Implements For Food Plots: Disc Plow
Groundhog ATV Disc Plow

A disc plow is the same as a disc harrow.

Just like the chain harrow, it’s made to churn up dirt. But, it’s a much more aggressive piece of equipment with 6 blades that can easily churn up even the most packed soil.

The Groundhog weighs 46 lbs and has a “transport mode” to easily move it around. Made to use at speeds between 3-7 mph, it can also be used in reverse.

One great feature that makes this ideal for smaller food plots is that it’s half as wide as a normal plow. This makes it the perfect size for smaller fields/gardens or even walkways.

Please Note:

This disk plow requires a super strong hitch! If you don’t beef up your hitch, your hitch may experience damage.


  • Tilling
  • Breakup top soil
  • Create firebreaks
  • Weeding
  • Prepare land
  • Incorporate soil enhancements

Groundhog Max Disc Plow Without Receiver Kit

Groundhog Max Disc Plow With Receiver Kit

Agri-Fab Broadcast Spreader

ATV Implements For Food Plots: Spreader
Agri-Fab Broadcast Spreader

If you need to cover some serious acreage with seed, this spreader will help you get it done in short order.

Hopper has a 130 lb capacity, so no need to do multiple fills when you’re on the back 40. This is a large enough hopper to cover almost 1/2 acre.

The enclosed gear box cuts down on wear and tear to ensure you’ll get years of use, plus it’s removeable for easy maintenance.

Optional equipment includes a hopper cover, material deflector and hopper grate.


  • Spread seed
  • Fertilize/Feed

Black Boar Cultipacker

ATV Implements For Food Plots: Black Boar Cultipacker
Black Boar Cultipacker

Not everyone needs a cultipacker, but if you do, this is a good one. Plus, it’s made by Black Boar, a respected company known for its ATV/UTV equipment.

At only 36 lbs, one person can easily install this cultipacker.

Please Note:

This Black Boar cultipacker requires a Black Boar Implement Lift, either the 66000 Motorized Lift or the 66013 Manual Lift.


  • Break up clods
  • Pack loose soil
  • Tamp seeds into beds

Black Boar Scrape Blade ATV Implement

Black Boar Scrape Blade

If you need to move stuff around, this blade will be a great addition to your tool shed.

Blade has three adjustable angles – 0, 7.5 & 15 degrees that you can use in either direction. Angle is easy to adjust with a simple hole selection.

The motorized lift keeps the blade in the same position when lowered, so you don’t need to keep adjusting it.

This is a strong sturdy piece of equipment, but at only 63 lbs, its easy for one person to install.

Please Note:

This blade requires a Black Boar 66000 Motorized Implement Lift.

The chisel plow is sold separately.


  • Grade dirt & gravel surfaces
  • Use behind chisel plow to smooth as you go
  • Maintain roads/trails

Featured Image is the Black Boar Scrape Blade

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