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Webster Pass/Red Cone – ATV Colorado

ATV Keystone/Montezuma Colorado

Red Cone is located not too far from the popular ski area of Keystone.

There are two ways to access this loop trail. You can start in the small remote community of Montezuma CO, about a 45 minute drive from Keystone. Or, it can also be accessed from Webster CO from County Rd 60,

But, despite it’s close proximity to such a popular ski area, it’s not what I’d consider busy. It’s popular, especially with off roaders, but you won’t be fighting the crowds like on the Alpine Loop.

ATV Red Cone
Red Cone Photo By Fun Treks

This map is detailed in FunTreks Northern Colorado Guide

I’m not affiliated with FunTreks, but they do make some of the best ATV guides available.

This area is primarily used by locals; we’ve seen a local off roading club out here and a hunter coming back with a mountain goat.

It’s amazing that such a beautiful/interesting area is still pretty unknown and not overrun with tourists.

Of course, the advanced skill level probably helps thin the crowds a bit too.

Red Cone is intense with steep drops on both sides. It’s very rocky in places, but not overly technical. However, due to the extreme drop offs, I would rate it as difficult/advanced.

This mountain road can also be be done in a full sized vehicle, but the Montezuma side has some pretty narrow sections that aren’t ideal for full sized vehicle. It’s also used for hiking and biking.

We like Red Cone so much that we included it our 10 Best ATV Trails In Colorado.

Colorado is also home to the Alpine Loop, probably one of the most famous/popular ATV trails in the US.

For some sand dune action head on over to the North Sand Hills in Cowdrey CO.

Or visit Meeker/Rangely CO and ride the Wagon Wheel Trail System on 610 miles of UTV roads and trails.

Feature image by Michael Arches

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